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Annihilator Knight Jumps Queen Lyrics

Last updated: 01/22/2003 02:01:43 AM

Good evening and welcome to a test of the minds
This match begins as our thoughts begin to grind
I send a pawn towards you, a subtle piece of my attack
Pondering the first move, I guess you'll never know unless you try it

Knight jumps queen, if you know what I mean
Anticipation of the final scene
Knight jumps queen, so get prepared
For this check mate has been happily declared
As the knight jumps the queen

You have made selections, a white castle crumbles at your feet
To counter the men in black, your moves must all be elite
A bishop takes a rook and this cuts him down to size
This is no tailor-made situation
I guess I have some real competition for once

Repeat Chorus

Hours and hours to a stalemate, this game has come to a close
Could it end without a climax, between two exhausted foes
Nighttime's falling on the castle, it's bringing in another day
The concentration was impossible, I never had a doubt I wouldn't win it from you

Repeat Chorus