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Following the demise of Wicked Lester, Kiss were formed in
1972 by Paul Stanley (b. Paul Eisen, 20 January 1950,
Queens, New York, USA; rhythm guitar, vocals) and Gene
Simmons (b. Chaim Witz, 25 August 1949, Haifa, Israel;
bass, vocals), who went on to recruit Peter Criss (b. Peter
Crisscoula, 27 December 1947, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
drums, vocals) and Ace Frehley (b. Paul Frehley, 22 April
1951, Bronx, New York, USA; lead guitar, vocals). At their
second show at the Hotel Diplomat, Manhattan, in 1973,
Flipside producer Bill Aucoin More...

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Review about Kiss songs
Random Computer ?..8/10/14 | Reviewer: Brett Sanderson
    ------ About the song 2,000 Man performed by Kiss

Here in Australia im a massive KISS and Patrick Leonard fan.
Patrick an up an coming Aussie Country/Rock star always does 2000 man.
Yet he's always sang "land of computers".Still Rocks even though i just saw that "Random computer"..
Frehley.Leonard,Jagger it dont matter..They kick ass !!!

Like them | Reviewer: Concorde 4590
    ------ About the song Detroit Rock City performed by Kiss

I think Kiss is nice too right a song about a fan who died on their way to a kiss concert which is Detroit Rock City I love boyband One Direction alot

I love anything from KISS | Reviewer: Shelley
    ------ About the song NOTHING CAN KEEP ME FROM YOU performed by Kiss

most songs are written by Paul and Gene but I have to tell you this one touches me because it is my relationship right now with my fiance'. I don't care who wrote it but the fact that it was by my favorite group of all time makes it just that much better. Probably going to be my wedding song. I love it. This is to you Matt. Can't wait to be your wife.

    ------ About the song Then She Kissed Me performed by Kiss

i think this is one of the kiss best album of all time. they played a lot of songs during in their time, my favorite is paul stanley, gene simmons, ace frahley and peter crisis. BETH I HEAR YOU CALLING BUT I CAN,T COME HOME RIGHT NOW ME AND THE BOYS ARE PLAYING AND WE JUST CAN,T FIND THE SOUND JUST A FEW MORE HOURS AND I BE RIGHT HOME TO YOU I THINK I HEAR THEM CALLING OH BETH WHAT CAN I DO BETH WHAT CAN I DO. YOURS BIGGEST FAN PAUL STANLEY?

the soundtrack to my early life. | Reviewer: CHUCK
    ------ About the song A World Without Heroes performed by Kiss

This is for every child who was six in 1981, Gene was in the minds of all people in all places at all times, it was like Kiss was everywhere watching all people at all times, a legend so large that they exist outside of this dimension. This song defines my brother Rob who passed 5 years ago being the first other kid I ever had at the time of the song our holidays, how safe and loved I felt, the old polaroid photo's of me from 1976 to 1982, and World without heroe's is the soundtrack to those photo's forever.

Raise your glasses | Reviewer: Andrew Dishta
    ------ About the song Raise Your Glasses performed by Kiss

I say the song was amazing and i think the song was about celebrating what u have done that your proud of the most with the one's you care about and you should not be afraid to do what you want.

one of my favorite songs | Reviewer: Andrew Dishta
    ------ About the song I Will Be There performed by Kiss

After hearing this i was blown away and my thoughts on the song well it had a soothing melody and one of my favorite kiss songs of all time next to god gave rock n roll to you,shock me,hell or hallelujah,rock n roll all night,psycho cirsus

jerrys | Reviewer: Jerry S.
    ------ About the song (YOU MAKE ME) ROCK HARD performed by Kiss

Once again Paul kills it. Out of 19 studio albums/cd's, Paul has written 75% I'd all the sings all the way back to 1973. Paul is truly a singer song writer. I'd you want a real treat, pick up his solo cd from 2006 called Live to win. Kind of went under the radar and is probably the best kiss/Paul album there is.

IT WAS REALLY GREAT!! | Reviewer: Ella
    ------ About the song I Just Wanna performed by Kiss

I'm a 13 y/o fan of KISS since I was 6 y/o. This lyrics is AMAZING! This song really lift me up from my chair when I'm listening to this song!! It's like this, nobody can ever change me, or them, because they are who they are, and even if someone try to, nobody can seal their dooms! They're the best band ever! So, as I said, I really love this song and it really lifts up ever little soul from their chairs! No matter what KISS-song it is, every lyrics with KISS is really good! So thank you for published this song here!!!

king of the night time world | Reviewer: dean hopewell
    ------ About the song KING OF THE NIGHT TIME WORLD performed by Kiss

Amazing track with a great lead guitar screaming all the way through it.The live version off kiss alive 2 is the ultimate and just makes me wish I coul d have been at that concert.

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