Kiss Albums

  • Monster Album (10/15/2012)
    Hell or Hallelujah
    Born to be a Sinner
    Are You Ready?
    Wall of Sound
    Back to the Stone Age
    Shout Mercy
    Long Way Down
    Eat Your Heart Out
    It's a Long Way Down
    The Devil Is Me
    Outta This World
    Take Me Down Below
    All for the Love of Rock & Roll
    Last Chance
    Right Here Right Now

  • Sonic Boom Album (10/20/2009)
    Modern Day Delilah
    Russian Roulette
    Never Enough
    Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
    Hot And Cold
    All For The Glory
    Danger Us
    I'm An Animal
    When Lightning Strikes
    Say Yeah

  • Psycho Circus Album (7/1/1998)
    Psycho Circus
    I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock And Roll
    Into The Void
    We Are One
    You Wanted The Best
    Raise Your Glasses
    I Finally Found My Way
    Journey Of 1,000 Years
    In Your Face

  • Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions Album (10/28/1997)
    Master And Slave
    Childhood's End
    I Will Be There
    The Jungle
    In My Head
    It Never Goes Away
    Seduction Of The Innocent
    I Confess
    In The Mirror
    I Walk Alone

  • Revenge Album (7/1/1992)
  • Hot in the Shade Album (10/17/1989)
  • Crazy Nights Album (8/18/1987)
  • Asylum Album (9/16/1985)
  • Animalize Album (9/13/1984)
  • Lick It Up Album (9/18/1983)
  • Creatures of the Night Album (10/10/1982)
  • Killers Album (5/1/1982)
  • Music From The Elder Album (7/1/1981)
  • Unmasked Album (6/1/1980)
  • Dynasty Album (7/1/1979)
  • Ace Frehley Album (10/1/1978)
  • Paul Stanley Solo Album (10/1/1978)
  • Gene Simmons Album (10/1/1978)
  • Peter Criss Album (10/1/1978)
  • Double Platinum Album (7/1/1978)
  • Alive II Album (11/1/1977)
  • Love Gun Album (7/1/1977)
  • Rock and Roll Over Album (7/1/1976)
  • Destroyer Album (7/1/1976)
  • Dressed To Kill Album (4/1/1975)
  • Hotter Than Hell Album (11/1/1974)
  • Kiss Album (4/1/1974)

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    Reviews about Kiss albums
    KISS Debut | Reviewer: Shawn Brackenridge
        ------ About the album Kiss performed by Kiss

    Well w/Kiss being my fave band since I was a kid, this album really brings back a lot of memories. First off this album has a couple of stinkers or suspect songs that ruin this album from possibly being the best in their catalog IMO. The album really starts off strong w/ Strutter, a very groove laden song and w/a very nice & catchy hook for the chorus. Nothin' to lose is not too bad and has a catchy chorus too, but to me lacks the strength, groove and heaviness of strutter, firehouse, cold gin and black diamond capture. Firehouse and Cold Gin really keep the album rockin' hard up til let me know, which is not a bad either, but thats where the album IMO starts to flail w/Deuce trying to keep it together until going into another couple of strong Kiss staples. Love theme and kissin time for really drove this album down for me, but 100,000 years and the incredible Black Diamond really finish off this album very well.

    Strutter - 5
    Nothin' To Lose - 4
    Firehouse - 5
    Cold Gin - 5
    Let Me Know - 4
    Kissin' Time - 1
    Deuce - 5
    Love Theme From Kiss - 2
    100,000 Years - 5
    Black Diamond - 5

    Overall Score - 4.1 out 5

    Hot As Hell Yeah!!! | Reviewer: Shawn Brackenridge
        ------ About the album Hotter Than Hell performed by Kiss

    OK! this is IMO a very underrated album and at least at the time of release I don't think it was really appreciated enough. This album despite the bad production values is tied w/ Creatures as my fave Kiss album. This album starts out w/such a great and catchy song in Got To Choose, which is in my top 10 fave kiss songs easily and the album doesn't let up w/ it's ferocity until it's done. Goin' Blind is typical Gene w/perverted lyrics from a sex fiend, but this song is amazing w/great melody, solos and lyrics that makes you think Gene will be chasing skirt around when he's in a nursing home. Parasite is an all-time fave and is by far the best song that Ace wrote in my book. One has to wonder what Parasite would've sounded like w/Ace on vocals, but hey! the song kicks ass either way w/a guitar riff that is killer and grungy. Hotter Than Hell is true Paul, it's extremely straight forward in what it delivers w/Paul trying to hook up w/a married woman. The guitar work on Hotter is strong, heavy and catchy and I can't see why no one could not like this song. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll is heavy, fast and ferocious w/very great guitar and drum work...Definitely sum of Peter's best and fastest drumming on the album, which honestly made me think of him as a rock drummer instead of a swing/jazz type drummer. All The Way IMO is one the most underrated hidden gems that has ever graced a Kiss album. This song is so damn catchy and seems to stick in my head every time I hear it. Love it!!! Watchin' You...another Kiss Klassic and another great perverted Gene song. Mainline is a good tune and matches Peter pretty probably IMO is the weakest tune on the album, but still fits well. Comin' Home starts w/a catchy riff and has some really good lyrics about staying out on the road in many different hotels and just waiting for the time to be going home to his woman...definitely an underrated tune too and I wished it would get played live more nowadays. Strange Ways...another very strong and grungy tune from Ace. I would've rather Ace or Paul sing this tune instead of Peter, but this another gem that should still get played live today. Being a huge Kiss fan I do wish that when they tour now they should really dig into their catalog and play some more hidden gems to surprise the fans and i"m sure we all would really enjoy that.

    Got To Choose - 5
    Parasite - 5
    Goin' Blind - 5
    Hotter Than Hell - 5
    Let Me Go, Rock And Roll - 5
    All The Way - 5
    Watchin' You - 5
    Mainline - 5
    Comin' Home - 5
    Strange Ways - 5

    Overall - 5

    Hits Not On A Greatest Hits Collection,Is An Insult | Reviewer: Scott
        ------ About the album Double Platinum performed by Kiss

    How could Kiss in 1978 release a 2LP set of hits,and not include two of their biggest hits from the 1970's,Shout It Out Loud,and Christine Sixteen?That would be like Aerosmith leaving Sweet Emotion off of a greatest hits cd,or Cheap Trick leaving Dream Police off of a collection.It makes no sense whatsoever.

    KISS Destroyer Album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Destroyer performed by Kiss

    The Destroyer album was released on March 15 1976, NOT july 1 1976 like you posted. Probably should know considering you have a dedicated web page for it. They released Rock and Roll Over in Nov 11 1976 so that only gave them 4 months to write record an tour both europe an the us. March 15 1976 is the correct release of KISS Destroyer. Good Luck to you

        ------ About the album Ace Frehley performed by Kiss

    "SPACE" ACE DELIVERS A GEM OF AN ALBUM!!!Like Paul Stanley's solo LP there is no filler to be found here.All solid & hard rocking, our friend Ace pulls no punches."Rip It Out" is excellent & were it on a "regular" KISS album would probably be performed live on a regular basis."Speedin' Back To My Baby" is another strong rocker with Ace's wife Jeanette on backup vocals."Snowblind" with it's extended jam & the very memorable "Ozone" featuring a VERY catchy riff are top-notch drug-influenced songs that would more than likely never be issued on a standard KISS LP if Gene & Paul had their way."What's On Your Mind" is an infectious tune with some great acoustic."New York Groove" follows & is the most popular track of the four solo LPs.It is actually a cover of a 1975 song from an obscure band called HELLO.Ace makes it his own though & another strong track."I'm In Need Of Love" & "Wiped Out" are great.Ace may not have the greatest voice technically but he has an excellent rock and roll voice used to great effect on those tracks. "Frsctured Mirror" is a very memorable instrumental & one of Ace' fans favorite tracks including mine.Another strong finish to a thouroghly satisfying KISS album! MY RATING 10+

    PAUL STANLEY ALBUM REVIEW | Reviewer: chuck case
        ------ About the album Paul Stanley Solo performed by Kiss

    BEST KISS ALBUM EVER? It's a very tough call for me but if I could choose only ONE KISS LP to have on an island this would more than likely be THE album!!!The first 2 live albums,Hotter Than Hell,Rock & Roll Over,Ace Frehley,& Dynasty would also be very strong contenders for me but I think Paul Sanley made an incredibly strong,personal,deeply moving album that rocks.Always a far underrated singer & songwriter,Paul shows why he is the driving force along with one Gene Simmons in everything KISS!!!There is NOT ONE throwaway track to be found on this strong & cohesive album.To truly appreciate it it MUST BE PLAYED LOUD FROM START TO FINISH!!!For maximum effect,get yourself "nice",& set up a COOL atmosphere(i.e.candles,black/red lights,incense etc.)Push play & enjoy."Tonight You Belong To Me" is a very strong opener.With an acoustic opening it soon becomes a classic hard rock song with an unforgettable riff."Move On" is a great follow up rocker."Ain't Quite Right" is one of my faves here.It wouldn't be right on a "regular" KISS album but here it fits perfectly.An easy rocker that's far removed from the world of KISS."Wouldn't You Like To Know Me" & "Take Me Away (Together As One)" are also 2 of my faves.The latter is possibly my favorite KISS song of ALL TIME!!!A sheer stoke of genius this one.It has a drive & a crunching guitar riff that is simply AWESOME!Paul sings beautifully on this & it's very well written like everything on this album BUT this is ULTRA-TOPNOTCH!!!"It's Alright" & "Love In Chains" are strong rocking tunes.The ballad "Hold Me Touch Me" is arguably the most romantic KISS song ever.More so than "Beth" but at least this one has a great guitar solo from Paul.It's a great song to makeout with your chick to,also."Goodbye" is a cool closer with Paul bidding adieu to his girl & promising he will return.It,of course,can also be perceived as a goodbye to KISS fans until the next album & is the icing on the cake to one of the BEST ALBUMS of the 70's(or any decade for that matter).If you were one of those who passed on it the first time around,give it another spin.It truly deserves it.THIS LP IS LIKE A FINE WINE---IT GETS EVEN BETTER WITH AGE.Unlike 95% of KISS material which is about rocking all night & getting in a girls panties(which is all well & good)this is the probably the most mature album EVER done by KISS.THIS ALBUM IS CLASSIC ROCK AT IT'S VERY BEST!!! What makes it SO COOL is that it's one of the more obscure KISS LPS so that if you do love it;it makes it that much more SPECIAL!!!My rating A VERY STRONG 10+++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PAUL STANLEY FOR ALL THE YEARS & COUNTLESS HOURS OF SHEER MUSICAL BLISS & ESPECIALLY FOR THIS INCREDIBLE ONE OF A KIND KISS ALBUM!!! YOU ARE A TRUE STAR!!!ROCK ON, BRO.

    DYNASTY REVIEW | Reviewer: chuck case
        ------ About the album Dynasty performed by Kiss

    Though the 4 solo albums all went platinum(thanks mainly to pre-sale orders,it wasn't long before all were in cutout bins with reduced prices(a first for KISS LPs.Needing a hit Paul Stanley turned his attention to disco which was huge at the time.Rockers,Rod Stewart & even The Stones had had hits with disco songs by then."I Was Made For Lovin' You" became KISS' contribution to the genre.It became a huge seller for them but turned off many long-time fans.Growing up during disco,I didn't hate all of it.Truth be told I enjoyed Donna Summer & the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack like millions of others.True,it wasn't KISS' normal style but the song was well-written & very catchy like all their best songs.BUT,this is not a disco album.Anyone who hasn't given DYNASTY a chance because of their dislike for that song is missing out on one of KISS' best albums.This LP has 9 tracks & like LOVE GUN all 4 members sing(Paul on 3,Ace Frehley after his solo LP sold the most also sings 3,Gene Simmons only sings on 2 songs(the least he'd ever sing on a KISS LP) & Peter Criss sings & drums on his one & only track on the whole album "Dirty Livin".He essentially quit KISS altogether at this point.Fed up with not being able to record his not-so-rocking material the drumming on the rest of the album is done by Anton Fig.Aside from "I Was Made.." Paul sings 2 more outstanding tracks,the pop classic "Sure Know Something" & his first self-penned power ballad with KISS,the excellent "Magic Touch".Ace Frehley sings a rocking version of a relatively obscure Stones song,"2000 Man", & his own "Hard Times" & especially the album closer,"Save Your Love" is vintage ACE quality!!!Peter's "Dirty Livin" is gritty & funky yet rockin'.Saving the best for last,Gene's 2 contributions are some of his best underrated songs ever!"Charisma" is Gene at his demonic best with him asking why he is ladies' best friend & "X-Ray Eyes",one of his catchiest numbers,a bouncy,feel-good rocker about how he can see through his lovers lies.All told,one of their absolute best even with THAT disco song!!!My Rating 10

    ROCK AND ROLL OVER REVIEW | Reviewer: chuck case
        ------ About the album Rock and Roll Over performed by Kiss

    KISS won over audiences by relentless touring in the 70s.When they hit the stage in support of the DESTROYER LP with their biggest stage show to date it helped that album reach triple platinum status & paved the way for R & R OVER to SHIP platinum.That means one million orders before the album is even released!!!Released in NOV. 1976,just 8 months after Destroyer this LP makes a great companion piece to their 2nd LP HOTTER THAN HELL.Raw & vibrant,this album oozes rock and roll.After Bob Ezrin's polished production on DESTROYER,KISS wanted to get back to basics where it was just them & their guitars.They brought in Sean Delaney to coproduce with them a live-in-the-studio album.Recorded at the Nanuet Star Theater in New York they walked out with a classic that solidified KISS superstar status.Nearly every song a KISS classic(ask any fan)!With the exception of Hard Luck Woman,sung beautifully by Peter Criss this album is WAY to raw for commercial radio.Songs such as "I Want You","Love'm & Leave'm" & "Ladies Room" will NEVER be heard on your favorite FM station,with Paul Stanley singing about a woman "you can run,you can hide but you'll never get away"!Or how about his ode to oral sex on Take Me,"Put your hand in my pocket,grab on to my rocket".Of course Gene Simmons classic "Calling Dr. Love" is here also.He also recorded "See You In Your Dreams"(a song he would re-record for his solo LP 2 years later)"Baby Driver",has a really cool riff & Peter using that rough,screaming voice of his to good effect.Paul really shines on this album with great songwriting,vocals & some kick-ass rhythm.Aside from "Take Me" & "I Want You" he also has one of the most underrated KISS songs in "Mr.Speed" A cool but still in your face rocker as well as the album closer "Makin'Love",very much a metal classic & surely one of my favorite cuts from Mr. Stanley.My Rating 10

    LOVE GUN REVIEW | Reviewer: chuck case
        ------ About the album Love Gun performed by Kiss

    Alive II was the first KISS album I bought in late 1977 & I would play the heck out of "Makin' Love","Shout It Out Loud" & especially "I Stole Your Love" which remains my favorite Kiss song to this day!!!So when I bought LOVE GUN in '78 & put it on my turntable I was very excited to hear the studio version.Alas,like most KISS songs,LIVE is where they flourished.Though I love the studio version now,I must admit I was somewhat disappointed at the time.It's far more raucous live."Christine Sixteen" is certainly Gene Simmons sleaziest song.If it were written today I don't think a major record label would touch it;the song obviously being about having sex with an underage girl(in most states anyway)."Got Love For Sale" isn't one of Gene's better numbers although I do kind of like the somewhat funky riff."Shock Me" is the very first song sung by Ace Frehley 6 studio albums into their career & was worth the wait,though I wish he sang MUCH more!I love his drug-influenced voice which is every bit as cool as Paul's raw & raunchy voice, Gene's evil voice & Peter's raspy voice.Great tune & solo to boot."Tomorrow & Tonight is another Rock & Roll All Nite wannabe which it's not but the song is pretty catchy."Love Gun",the title track is an all-time classic song with Paul in an extra-raunchy mode."Hooligan" is another listenable Peter Criss song,though no classic.Next up are 2 of Gene's most underrated songs,"Almost Human" & "Plaster Caster",Paul & Ace adding some surreal sounding background vocals on the former.The latter is about a groupie who would make plaster casts out of male rock stars privates(true).Lastly Paul sings a 1963 hit by the Crystals,an all girl group,called "Then She Kissed Me" obviously retitled from the male perspective.A precursor to his solo album voice Paul Stanley does an excellent job on a classic.FOOTNOTE-Eddie Kramer produced this LP & R & R Over.On my R & R Over review I named Sean Delaney as producer(he was co-writer on several tracks)Sorry. Oh,My Rating for LOVE GUN; 8

    DESTROYER REVIEW | Reviewer: chuck case
        ------ About the album Destroyer performed by Kiss

    Contrary to popular belief Destroyer was not an immediate success.Like "THE ELDER" fans were taken aback by its' glossy production by Bob Ezrin who added strings,a choir & sound effects to the KISS sound.This was only the fifth LP for them,& their fourth studio album.The previous 3 (KISS,HOTTER THAN HELL & DRESSED TO KILL)all sound very raw compared to DESTROYER.Detroit Rock City starts off the album & would soon replace DUECE as their concert opener.A true classic written by Paul Stanley & Ezrin,it's loud,bombastic & as the song ends in a fiery car crash it doesn't fade out.Instead Ace Frehley's guitar starts blaring softly & as it gets louder,& Peter Criss smashes the drums we are treated to Paul's excellent "King of The Night Time World".Gene Simmons sings "God Of Thunder".A song,written & originally recorded by Paul,Gene makes this song his own sounding demonic & rather ominous as he threatens to "rob you of your virgin soul"!!!"Great Expectations" is next.A ballad sung by Gene about a female fan who longs to be with her idol(Gene,naturally).It's ok though I could do without the choir."Flaming Youth" sung by Paul is pretty cool although it sounds like Paul is trying too hard for his own "Rock & Roll All Nite".Gene's "Sweet Pain" is great but the solo is too short.Alice Cooper's guitarist,Dick Wagner plays it.Why have him for such a short solo.They might as well have Paul play it since Ace wasn't around.Speaking of Ace,I wish he sang a song on this album.I think it would be cool to hear Ace with his cool delivery on a production like this."shout It Out Loud" should be the last song on the LP.My reason? Let them record that classic live-in-studio with no Ezrin production! A classic nonetheless as is Peter's "Beth" & Paul's ultra-cool "Do You Love Me".My rating 9

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