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Marty Willson-Piper Kiss You to Death Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2001 01:42:09 AM

In the rain, in the pouring sun
I have hardly begun to celebrate you
For a chance, for a thousand years
I will fight just to steer a moment
with you

I'm so frightened, a heart's
I'll kiss you

In a field, running through the trees
Oh what can this be, ridiculous and
I'll retreat, then advance to the front
Unafraid to be blunt, I'm taking you

See my fire, I can't tire
I'll kiss you to death
If you even try to get away

What's the time, a quarter-past none
And infinity is long, waiting for you
There you are, stepping out of a train
Igniting the flame, this calamity
that's you.

Got you, keep you, prepared for you.