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In 1957 America was ready for a new style of music. Just
out of college, Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard
took dormant folk music and gave it a comic twist
irresistible to the college crowd (and just about everyone
else). The music was rooted in American Popular culture,
but performed with a refreshing style that now seems
timeless. Like the Beatles, The Kingston Trio created a
national audience for their new style of music, causing a
ripple effect on the entire music industry. When Tom Dooley
went gold in 1958, the folk More...

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Review about Kingston Trio songs
timeless | Reviewer: Steve Crawford
    ------ About the song Gue Gue performed by Kingston Trio

This song was only recorded once - live at the Hungry I. I believe it to be their best work - they took an old French lullaby, sang the first line, then crafted the next two lines from their collective genius to create one of the prettiest, most soothing songs ever recorded on this planet. I have included it in my novel, "Medora and the Marquis" to show the softer side of the Marquis, which very few people ever got a glimpse of - he was a powerful man, prone to little talk and significant action. This song shows why Medora fell in love with him, despite his armour clad exterior.

Not chauvanistic, makes me melancoly though. | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song Take Her Out of Pity performed by Kingston Trio

There are several things that I think about as I write this.

First: I have a sort of adopted daughter that is starting to get into that age and just doesn't have any current prospects. She's a little round but is the absolute sweetest full of love and life young lady I know -- kills me that my son isn't interested. Reminds me of this song.

Second: Please read a definition of chauvinism before you determine what is chauvinistic. This song has nothing to do with that. There is nothing in this song that suggests that men are superior to women. It does suggest of a brother that is so worried for his sister (who by inference is desperate to get married), who would be a "good wife", that he is hoping for anyone to come along.

Third: I'm not completely certain that ugly and misshapen is referring to physical attributes. You can be ugly and misshapen and still be gorgeous and/or handsome.

Great balad. A shame that this music isn't listened to more.

My Sister Sal | Reviewer: Dianne Morris
    ------ About the song Take Her Out of Pity performed by Kingston Trio

These lyrics are slightly different from those I recall. Those I recall include "Don't pity sister Sal any more than you oughta" then followed by "A landsman, a kinsman (pinsman?) a doctor or a tailor, a rich, a poor man, a tinker or a tailor" OR the refrain "was followed by "don't pity sister Sal anymore than you oughta" What I find strange is that I heard it in the early sixties when the Kingston Trio was very current. The woman, a neighbor, who sang the song would have known the published lyricsor perhaps not, I am puzzled. Are there perhaps two or more versions to the actual poetry of this song? Either way, I enjoy it as a folk song despite it sometimes annoying me as it plays over and over in my head.

Not John Foster Dulles | Reviewer: poway-mojo
    ------ About the song The Merry Minuet performed by Kingston Trio

The song was first performed, by The Kingston Trio at the Hungry i, in San Francisco and was opened by a quip about it appearing on their next album: The Kingston Trio Plays John Foster Dulles.

Firstly, there are only 2 sisters... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Take Her Out of Pity performed by Kingston Trio

Secondly, the "less attractive" sister is the chosen one. It is possibly surmized that Sarah is a bit more attractive and pleasant that Sally. Kinda like, nice girls finish last.
Thirdly, I don't get the chauvanistic based comments.

How I know it | Reviewer: Annabel L
    ------ About the song Tattooed Lady performed by Kingston Trio

I heard it as "All up and down her spine were Kings and Gods of wine" As for the revision with "Royal Flying Caul" I have no idea how that could even make sense, I've always known it as "Royal Flying Corps"

Love Folk Reditions | Reviewer: Barry
    ------ About the song Take Her Out of Pity performed by Kingston Trio

This is supposed to be based on old ballads, and very well may have been a little chauvinistic, but the concept was cute; a brother trying to find someone for his spinster sister. You can assume some of his "sales pitch" is a little overstated. I miss the likes of the Limelighters, New Christy Minstrels, Pete Segar, Joan Baez, PP&M, Glenn Yarbrough and even Roger Whittaker. Barry In Tampa

too bad you can not x ray the heart | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Take Her Out of Pity performed by Kingston Trio

I am sixty five and never had an offer. I can cook love to clean and dust. would have made sure that the he in my live was able to do what he wanted. would never have been a nag or wonder where he was.

I thank this song shows that the shiniest, the prettiest, or even the best temperament does not make a better wife then those of us who weigh two hundred and fifty lb

Man has never changed nor will he ever. | Reviewer: Papachet
    ------ About the song The Merry Minuet performed by Kingston Trio

The lyrics presented here are changed and the new version misses the point. Indeed the nature of man remains constant. Merry Minuet in the late 50;s early 60's, Blowin in the Wind in the 60's, and the purest of all, Randy Newman' Political Science,late 70's. A clever writer today would have even more ammunition.
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Bob Shane a few times and the honor of being Randy Newman's agent.
Political Science starts out, "No one likes us. Don't know why. We may not be perfect, but Heaven knows we try, But all around even our old friends put us down. Let's drop the big one - see what happens". It ends with, "They all hate us anyhow - let's drop the big one now"
Historians will realize that the fist song was under Eisenhower or Kennedy. Blowin was under Nixon or Johnson and Political Science was under Carter. What would an insightful person write today?

Mom used to sing it around the home! | Reviewer: eltalon
    ------ About the song M.T.A. performed by Kingston Trio

Still remember those voices crashing though that chorus coming out of the old record player (what are THOSE!?) in Mom's kitchen! The visual images can't be beat by any of today's songs! "...through the open window, hands Charlie a sandwich..." Oh, man... beauty!

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