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Kings of Leon have become a household name with the release of their latest album, Only by the Night. This album is headlined with two of the biggest tracks of 2008; 'Sex on Fire' and 'Use Somebody'.

Kings of Leon were officially formed in 2000 and released their first album, The Holy Roller Novocaine EP, in 2003. This American rock band consist of Anthony Caleb Followill (lead singer/guitar), Michael Jared Followill (bass), Ivan Nathan Followil (drums) and Cameron Matthew Followill (lead guitar). Although they are more formally known by their middles names; Caleb, Jared, Nathan and Matthew. The band were named after their grandfather 'Leon'.

Although most are only familiar with their most recent work, songs off their previous album were featured on movies Disturbia and Cloverfield.

Kings of Leon also performed at Sound Relief - a benefit concert for the devastation of the Victorian Bushfires. They performed with some huge Australian names such as Hunters & Collectors, Wolfmother, Split Enz and Midnight Oil.

Currently Kings of Leon are working on their fifth album which is expected to be released in 2010. You can clearly hear the progression of their music, and undoubtedly their next album will move in a different direction yet again. With their youth, exposure, distinct sound and amazing live shows, Kings of Leon are sure to be around for some time yet.

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LOS ANGELES GURL | Reviewer: angel | 7/24/11

I first heard kol in a home depot as I was working I hear this amazing song and I ask everyone who's this band their badass. Come to find out its kol. Use somebody.. I've come to hear other songs that I love as well.. when I wanna get away from this miserable world I put on my ear phones and it takes me to a better place. What would I do without kol ..I truely love the band for the music not how the dudes look.

These guys deserve ALL the good they get! | Reviewer: Sheila | 9/6/10

Their bio is very interesting and amazing! These guys have earned their success! They have talent, looks, and the right attitude! I've been a fan since they first started being noticed. Before their big hits and it gladdens my heart to see their success!

I LOVE KOL | Reviewer: Pamela Farrow | 10/29/09

the first time i heard the kings was on the radio. i was instantly hooked. any song i hear by them i feel. the words, the music, the way caleb sings... its all just amazing too me. i saw them in concert for my birthday at red rocks and it was pure magic. They are as powerful as Queen. I cant wait to hear their new album next year and hopefully meet them one day.
thanks for bringing music back KOL!

Songs from the heart for the heart | Reviewer: Shannon | 9/21/09

Just recently started listening to KOL. When you need something in your life to just take you away from all of the rest of the world, this was it. Watching videos and seen this amazing man,(Caleb) singing an awesome song. Had to search to see who they were. Notion was the first of many videos and songs that hit my heart where it felt good. Use Somebody is my favorite and Sex on Fire, best sexual video I have ever seen. :) I made it through some rough times with these guys on my mind everyday. Awesome with vocals and music! Can't help but be addicted. Need some more.

KOL Live | Reviewer: Hmmm | 9/9/09

Heard them in 2005 and liked their music, bought their cd's ever since... But my god, saw them live this year and honestly these guys blow. They are dead pan awful live - it was freakin painful. The lead singer Caleb has NO IDEA how to get the crowd going. NO interaction, NO kiss my ass, NO nothing. I thought I was watching the muppets... come to think of it, I think the muppets would have put on a better show.

Southern Belle | Reviewer: Kristie | 8/14/09

I first heard Kings of Leon was in 2009. At first I was a little iffy about them. But once I started listening to the music, I fell in love. The lead singer has such an amazing voice and I think that's what I got hooked on. Anyway, I have nothing bad to say about this band. They are the next Rolling Stones. I love every song that they play. They are unique in every way. I love you guys! Keep up the great work!

from a tennessee gurl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

I have been listening to KoL for quite sometime now, and I just become more and more intrigued by them. None of their songs soung alike music wise or vocally. Thank God, they are finally getting the recognition they deserve in the USA. Like someone said earlier, one of my favorite songs is always a KoL song. I put on my headphones, and drift away into the stories they tell. And am continuously amazed at their talent, and openess about their music. I can't think of a better band in my life time. And to see them perform is pure art, especially bc it comes so naturally to them. I am always excited to buy their new material, and never displeased with what I hear. Those boys are truly blessed. Nothin' better than a group of southern fellows who can play the hell out of music with a lead singer whose voice is like an angel's who is contsantly struggling with evil.

kings of leon lover | Reviewer: Jess | 4/14/09

the first time i ever heard kings of leon was about 2005
i think it may have been on the radio that i heard their song "taper jean girl"
i fell in love with the song and i thought that caleb had such an amazing voice and the band was really awesome!!
i went home that night and looked them up on the internet and read their biographies and listened to all their other songs
they are just an amzing band, and for 5 years now whenever anyone ever asks me what my favourtite band is i say kings of leon, and when someone asks me what my favourite song is, its always a kings of leon song
they are amazing, they sound amazing and they look good :D
their music is inspirational and life changing and i cant wait to hear more great things in the years to come

can't find the words | Reviewer: annette hennig | 3/23/09

I was sitting watching MTV Germany and Sex is on Fire video came on. I thought lead singer, pretty cute. The rest of the band not bad either. The song it self blew me away. I like music with different videos. I just basically fell in love with the music. Bought their CD " only by the night" popped it into the cd player, and that's where it's been playing ever since. I think I could sing every song off by heart after playing it only twice. I just looooove the way Caleb sings!!! Keep on rocking guys. You'll pretty popular here in Germany as well.

I used to sleep everyday.. | Reviewer: Jose | 11/30/08

Am from Texas, I first heard of KOL back in 2003 or 2004.. I was in Mexico at the time at the local market and I walked into the music shop and after browsing for a while, I heard "California Waiting".. I instantly fell in love with them.

They are unlike anything I've ever heard.

I went to their show in Dallas back in October. They were amazing!!, obviously.

Probably one of the least appreciated bands in the U.S... and its a damned shame.. But hopefully "Only by the Night" will make them more popular.

Nathan is KILLER on drums.

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