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Once upon a time there was a fearless Nordic duo, who waged
war on the world armed with only two soft voices and two
acoustic guitars. Their names were Eirik Glambek Boe and
Erlend Oye, and like their Viking ancestors they crossed
continents to bring their songs of love, heartache and life
to the world beyond. Soon strange tales began to filter out
of an odd pair, who’d met at an inter-schools geography
contest as children (which Erlend won by drawing a map of
the world freehand from memory) that had later reunited in
song, in a More...

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Review about Kings Of Convenience songs
love realy | Reviewer: fiiqir
    ------ About the song Love Is No Big Truth performed by Kings Of Convenience

i will say love is truth why because when you love someone its not going to be okay with that person if you broke up with it you know so i will said its better if you keep love that person because if we said love is not big truth how people going to trust each other to get married so its better for us if we take that serious you know

beautiful | Reviewer: reyasem
    ------ About the song Mrs. Cold performed by Kings Of Convenience

y'see when i describe a song,i've never use that word before... I use words like,cool,awesome,kickass,impressive,genius,thing like that.

But when i hear this song,and read the lyrics,only one word came to mind.


My first song | Reviewer: serenity
    ------ About the song Cayman Islands performed by Kings Of Convenience

This is the first song of KoC that I heard. I watch the MV whwn I was eleven and since that, I became KoC's fans.
When I listened to their music, make me calmed. It warms every one when they listen it. I am so proud because I can listen to yheir songs :D

GB KOC | Reviewer: Tato
    ------ About the song Cayman Islands performed by Kings Of Convenience

These lyrics -and all of the lyrics from KOC- as their instruments are some kind of a blessing. I listen to them and I want to go live somewhere else, they remind me of curaao. This music is perfect.

Memories | Reviewer: Dizzy
    ------ About the song Cayman Islands performed by Kings Of Convenience

Played this track to my lady when first we met(the whole album tbh)she said it reminded her of Edinburgh,though never told me why. She passed away recently(only 36)I play it maybe too much. Thanks for the words,they paint in my mind,glad Sammie didn`t tell me what they meant to her. Thanks KOC much love,Dizzy.

Simply, Sweetly Succint | Reviewer: music_gypsy
    ------ About the song Homesick performed by Kings Of Convenience

I just heard this song a couple hours ago, and it's been on my mind ever since. The soft way the voices blend together are an obvious imitation of Simon and Garfunkel's style. This whole song has a lovely 60's vibe to it, seeming to play off a lot of popular songs from that decade.
But what I really wanted to say was how this spoke to me directly....especially the last few phrases:

"a song for
someone who needs somewhere
to long for

cause I no longer know
where home is"

It nearly made me cry, because having grown up in a foreign country and only visited my 'homeland' a couple times has left me with a strong sense of...homesickness. It's like I always feel homesick. I don't know where I'm from, where I fit in, where I should go. And this song expresses those feelings so hopelessly and perfectly.
At least I have Heaven, the place I can really call home - but until I get there, this will be my theme song.
Thanks KOC for writing this song!!!! =D

Cayman Islands | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Cayman Islands performed by Kings Of Convenience

Is the vacation of him in a pretty place and he met somebody, he has his itinerary to keep.
He changes his schedule to stay with her just a little bit longer because inside he knows he has to go, but he knows is the only time he will ever spend with her on his whole life,and he has to go but they will remember for ever that time,and I think listen this song and then listen the build up is the just their melancholy of those days. of a backpacker in love.and different worlds have big brigest tha he didn 't cross and he regrats that.
pretty song but very sad ah?

I wish I wasn't here.. | Reviewer: jared
    ------ About the song Cayman Islands performed by Kings Of Convenience

All I can think of is riding on a small motorcycle with a beautiful girl on a far away island that we ran away to suddenly. The warm breeze on my face and her hair blowing in the wind. I wish I was there.

* | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Envoy performed by Kings Of Convenience

softly voices, and delicated lyrics that you can find in kings of convenience

I do agree with Jonathan | Reviewer: Jesus Garcia
    ------ About the song Toxic Girl performed by Kings Of Convenience

Your opinion is most accurate I have read about the meaning of the song (English is not my mother tongue). I have studied a lot this kind of relationship and also I have suffered the bad consequences.

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