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King Louie and the Cheeky Monkeys is a Melbourne based
duo/band. Like in the Jungle Book, King Louie kidnap their
audience with their very animated, high-energy
interpretation of well-known songs. Their choice of
material separates them from any other band, and their
numerous residencies around town illustrate their novelty
and ongoing appeal.

The difference and diversity King Louie brings comes not
only from their wide-ranging song list, but also from the
bands ability to play to many audience and venue sizes.
From an acoustic duo to a full band, King Louie is truly a
band for More...

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mi 2 cents | Reviewer: Bogusd2414
    ------ About the song Val Venis performed by King Louie

He said if all the windows down in the foreign riding slow.......

Also..... It's smokin on def like so so def ( Jermaine Dupri label).....

Probably overdose if I take another dose..

I'm neyo they on Asian flow

Shoot him in it till it ain't a face no moe

I think he said we be out in Kali smoking o's buying cloths but I could be wrong about that 1

Go against the team and you're gonna get sposed ( short for exposed)

Rapid face shots nigga ide to the os ( ideos)

Rolled up a bag shorty poor up a4

Who the fuck are you bitch i own mubu (king louie label ) means man up band up

I'm slow mo cuz im off 2 2's

Dirty money got my pocket on Bruce Bruce (fat)

Steady popping tools at the obstacles ( opps)

Acting hard to get bitch you aint Lou proof

These niggas aint me no they ain't too cool

Kush too strong bitch free be smooth

We can be moved or we can e2

Send this bitch up man its all on you

Fuck a nigga bitch and throw the 2's from the coop

Okay I have to go to work now so if you need any more help contact me at

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