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King Louie Biography

Last updated: 12/11/2012 11:04:49 AM

King Louie and the Cheeky Monkeys is a Melbourne based duo/band. Like in the Jungle Book, King Louie kidnap their audience with their very animated, high-energy interpretation of well-known songs. Their choice of material separates them from any other band, and their numerous residencies around town illustrate their novelty and ongoing appeal.

The difference and diversity King Louie brings comes not only from their wide-ranging song list, but also from the bands ability to play to many audience and venue sizes. From an acoustic duo to a full band, King Louie is truly a band for all occasions.

For more information on band sizes and variations, as well as price information, please visit the contact page. There you can send the band an e-mail, fill out the query form provided, or give Craig a call directly.