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King Konga Biography

Last updated: 07/11/2001 11:21:04 PM

Semi-funky, semi-world beat, acoustic-oriented groove artists King Konga (Steve Cook - Bass, Dan Hannon - Guitar/Vocals, Tony Lymon - Percussion/MalletKAT, Skeeto - Drums) are fast-rising stars on the club and college circuit. The band blends some of the best elements of each of these generes in a strong percussive base to deliver a unique sound with tremendous pop accessibility and solid musicality.

Their previous independent release "monkey see. monkey groove.""has sold over 15,000 copies since 1997 and was critically acclaimed by national publications and compilations. Last Laugh, their first disc, was released in 1994. The new album,"Halo", features seven new songs indicative of the power, energy, and emotion of a live King Konga show -arguably the strongest aspect of a King Konga experience: powerful, spirited, and musically tight. "Halo"just recently passed the 12,000 sales mark this year for a combined Konga record sale of 27, 000 units!

Special Halo album highlights include electric guitar sweetening by Larry Chaney and some background vocals by Dave Harrison -both of the platinum selling Edwin McCain Band. The interactive CD is packed with over 300 megabytes of interactive multimedia including video interviews with outtakes, a full live video performance of "Made For Two", audio clips, and complete lyric sheets. The Nashville Tennessean said "Halo...just may best Dave Matthews and company. Yes, these guys are that good...[the] raspy voice of Dan Hannon beats Matthews' hands-down."

Three of the members (Steve, Dan & Tony) met while attending the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Drummer Skeeto joined the band from Detroit when an exhaustive internet search and over 700 phone calls brought them together.