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Skeleton Key King Know It All Lyrics

Last updated: 02/06/2013 07:12:59 AM

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When the truth comes out
No man can spit
The way he can
Curled up snout
And a monkey's brains
With a reptile's glands
And his eyes grow thin
As another gem
Forms in his mouth
He pulls the pin
Lets it fly
From its puckered spout

And King Know It All
Doesn't know he's about to fall

And the truth gets hung
On the hairy eye
And the crooked neck
He flaps his gums
And he clears his throat
Like he clears the deck
And he rounds up words
In a nervous ring
Where they push and shove
And drop like birds
When the ripcord's pulled
From up above

And king know it all
Doesn't know
He's about to fall

So everybody get your raincoats
His humidifier's stuck on ten
And I swear there's gonna be a downpour
The man is on his throne again (x3)

And king know it all
Doesn't know
He's about to fall

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