King Diamond Lyrics

King Diamond, the man, started his musical career with a
Danish cover band known as Brainstorm. From there, the King
joined a local band called Black Rose. I believe this is
where his singing career got its start. In 1980 King
Diamond left Black Rose to join a punk metal band called
Brats. From here, King's first major band, Mercyful Fate,
would eventually be formed.

After the breakup of Mercyful Fate in 1985, King Diamond
and two other Fate members, Michael Denner and Timi Hanson,
decided to continue on with the band known as King More...

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that's what I'm freaking talking about! | Reviewer: mike carlson
    ------ About the song Welcome Home performed by King Diamond

Now that's metal! this was also the song on clerks 2 that jay and silent bob were listening to in front of the fast food place. Oh, and anyone who thinks king diamond is bad, is going to hell when they die! long live the king!

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