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The king's crossing was the main attraction
Dominoes falling in a chain reaction
A scraping subject ruled by fear
Told me whiskey works better than beer
The judge is on vinyl, decisions are final
And nobody gets a reprieve
And every wave is tidal - if you hang around
You're going to get wet
I can't prepare for death any more than I already have
All you can do now is watch the shells
The game looks easy, that's why it sells
Frustrated fireworks inside your head
Are going to stand and deliver talk instead
The method acting that pays my bills
Keeps a fat man feeding in Beverly Hills
I got a heavy metal mouth that hurls obscenity
And I get my check in from the trash treasury
Because I took my own insides out
It don't matter 'cos I have no sex life
And all I want to do now is inject my ex-wife
I've seen the movie and I know what happens
It's Christmas time, and the needles on the tree
A skinny Santa is bringing something to me
His voice is overwhelming, but his speech is slurred
And I only understand every other word
Open your parachute and grab your gun
Fall down like an omen, a setting sun
Read the part and return at five
It's a hell of a role if you can keep it alive
But I don't care if I fuck up
I'm going on a date with a rich white lady
Ain't life great?
Give me one good reason not to do it
(Because I love you)
So do it
This is the place where time reverses
Dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
Instruments shine on a silver tray
Don't let me get carried away
Don't let me get carried away
Don't let me be carried away

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im so sorry, love elliot, god forgive me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/14

This song was written and performed near the end of the 90s, the song lyrics hardly changed during the period of Elliot performing it and when he recorded for a basement on the hill. When performed pre-recording version, it was more about drugs than anything else, "ex wife" means is a kinky reference to heroin. He also stresses the fact that he is being paid to literally sell his sole with his music ("judge is on vynal""keeps the fat man feeding" and more from that verse) the skinny Santa with a slurred voice is easily interpreted as a drug dealer or user of some sort, the line "because we live you" was in fact recorded before elliots suicide, the reason for this lyric is because when Elliot used to perform it in concert when he would sing give me a reason not to do it, his girlfriend and sister in the crowd would reply "because we love you" this was of course him asking for a reason to not do heroin. However, the recorded version of the song used the same drug references, except much of it was designed as a double entendre for suicide, "open your parachute and grab your gun" is no longer just a reference to shooting heroin, but a reference to ways of committing suicide. Originally kings crossing referenced the train station in London, as a place in between two things, perhaps a state of mind between drug uses, however in the recorded version it is intended to imply the in between life and death, he knew he was on the verge of dying, and even referenced it being uncontrollable in "dominoes falling in a chain reaction" the tidal wave line referenced originally the uncontrollable high that heroin brings, but later the fact that the people who were close to him would be hurt soon. The final verse is haunting, because when originally sung it was him begging for someone to help him get off the heroin addiction, however in its recording itwas elliots final call for someone to save him from dying.

Uh, guys... | Reviewer: neszero | 1/4/13

The people saying that this song was recorded days before his suicide don't really know what they're talking about.

Also, the "give me one good reason not to do it" line is referring to using drugs (not killing himself) if you pay attention to the context of the lyrics around that line.

I am curious about the "because we love you" line though -- if you look on the wikipedia for this album, the people responsible for mixing the album really stress that they didn't add anything to the mix. Doesn't seem like a natural part of the song in my opinion, but why would they lie?

i love elliott | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/10

he wrote this song a little bit before his suicide and kind of just what he was thinking about in his last days of life and to let people now,i really havent figured this song out it takes much listening and analyzing of the lyrics

Breahttaking | Reviewer: Matt | 3/18/09

I'd like to point the line 'all I wanna do now is inject my ex-wife', I'm pretty certain this line speaks louder than all the rest as a drug refrence. In many of his songs, especially True Love, he uses a romantic relationship to represent his relationship heroin. Since around the time he wrote/ recorded this song he was mostly off heroin it would be his ex-wife and this would be a statement describing how even past withdrawal his heart still belonged to the drugs. Best singer, best songwriter of all time

drug references | Reviewer: annonymous | 3/12/09

yes, there are drug references in this song, but there are vague or non-vague drug references in a lot of his songs. most of those referring to heroin or needles in some form.

but some of you are way over-analyzing the lyrics. couldn't some of them just be pretty images used as veiled references to drugs in some non-specific way? (thinking of the "skinny santa" lines here)

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/08

The song is about his addiction to drugs. "The needles on the tree, A skinny Santa is bringing something to me." and "A rich white lady..." There's tons of references to him being a slave to the addiction and how he hates himself for it.

Drugz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/08

It's about Elliott's addiction to drugs and how he hates himself for it. "Needles on the tree, a skinny Santa is bringing something to me..." is obviously about him scoring drugs from his dealer. And him going on a date with a "rich white lady" is also a drug reference... There's actually a lot of them if you look at it.

because we love you!!! | Reviewer: Evan | 8/25/08

sometimes i have a hard time believing he committed suicide. the story is pretty sketchy. to bad we'll never know exactly what happened.

by far my favorite songwriter. amazing person.
im planning on getting XO tattoos on my arms just before my hands.

Amazing song, with so many great lines, easily my top 5 of Elliott, i did not know that the "because we love you"was added after his death, thats pretty intense.

Talking `bout My Generation | Reviewer: Eva Krämer | 2/9/08

This is going to take a while.

Since I was young I had the feeling of being an outast. ot because the chilodren at school where picking on me (which they were), but because I senced that I knew things that others had not discorevered yet. I knew that our western civilasitation was fucked up. It was because, when I was very young, a chang had happened. We were raised in the belief that we were the masters of the world, that we could reach all our aims, and then, when we were just about to finish school, people startet talking about certain necessities that we would have to follow. This is something that affects most of us. But it get's more personal.

When I was young, my, parents told me to always think for myself, not to follow the herd, to find my own conclusions. Then, when I was about 17 years old, I found that conclusion in living a life that would not follow the rules of what we call society ("sex work death"). But what was the answer:of course all the instituions that have indoctrinated you with freedom befire (school, parents, friends) tell you that you are a romantic, that your vision is to main a vision and that you should do your best to find your path into the foreformed paths. This leads to schizophrenia.

That leads us to this incredible song. I believe that poetry is an art that can tell you what you believe in far better words than your own. And what Elliott Smith tells us here is what we all are obliged to believe, that there is no way out. And there isn't. Ubless all the free souls of the world should somehow bond and rebell.

Sad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

I believe the vocals in this song were recorded the day before his suicide...Kind of his suicide note I suppose...

Frustrated fireworks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

NO im sorry your wrong the line "because we love you" was never officially in the song but when elliott would perform the song live HIs girlfriend and her friends would always yell out the line. So when they mixed the album as an ode to that they included the line. I remember seeing him live and hearing the line shouted :D

lyrics | Reviewer: Josh | 5/12/07

elliott smith
is the man
did wat he had to do... he is the greatest lyricist i have heard

RE: Wonderful | Reviewer: Casey | 5/2/07


When he died, this album was not complete. His mom and girlfriend had a say in the final production process. This is when they added that line; it wasn't before he died.

Also his name is ElliotT.

phenomenal | Reviewer: zach | 2/12/07

he is the most talented singer and songwriter , in my opinion, that has ever blessed us with his or her voice

Wonderful | Reviewer: Mike | 8/4/05

Right after Elliot sings "give me one good reason not to do it" you can hear a female voice say quietly "because we love you." it's the voice of his girlfriend.

Too bad it didn't help.

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