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If you have listened to The Moldy Peaches or to any of
Kimya Dawson's first three solo albums (i'm sorry that
sometimes i'm mean, knock-knock who?, and my cute fiend
sweet princess) you will be familiar with her beautiful use
of cassette four track to achieve an intimate sense of
solitude. These home recordings make it feel as though you
have a friend there with you whispering in your ear. And
you do. Kimya is your friend.

She is one of those rare birds that make you feel like she
needs you as much as you need her. Her songs make More...

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Review about Kimya Dawson songs
. | Reviewer: Sophie
    ------ About the song I Like Giants performed by Kimya Dawson

Yeah, i frist heard this song when she played with John and hank Green (vlogbrothers) at Carnegie Hall. She was wonderful.

My friend recently asked me; why do we live, like what is it all for? But at fifteen i knew that whatever i said to her in reply i would look back on when i was much older and disagree with myself. But i think this song helped me to put together a reasonable answer;
Everything we do matters. It will matter to the next generations that follow us and although they won't remember us individually we will be remembered as a whole. As a generation of people who were grounded and humble and full of good people. Who searched high and low for the meaning of life but gave up because it doesn't really matter why we exist, the point is that we do.

- Thanks for reading.

That is all. | Reviewer: Katie Maree
    ------ About the song Loose Lips performed by Kimya Dawson

"I was sitting on the floor watching Johnny play, on his knees on a carpet not on the stage, in front of a fire in the living room, cozy and warm full of potluck food but if one day suddenly Johnny got huge I'd be glad that you knew Johnny too because his songs are smart, important, brave. Wanting that all to myself would be TOTALLY LAME. I don't claim to be Regina's only true fan just because I knew her way back when. Do you think Cat Stevens couldn't be my god just because I heard him first in Harold and Maude? I followed his albums, I listened, I cried teaser and the firecat changed my life. I painted the firecat on my jean jacket. I drew peace trains on my homework packet. I'm still listening to the wind of my soul. I'm a hard headed woman so I've been told. Yeah music's just sound, we're just ears why are you affected by what, who hears it? If Michael Jacksons sins made him less sacred than you taking your clothes off makes me less naked."
-Kimya Dawson

Kimya | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Like Giants performed by Kimya Dawson

When my mom went to evergreen her and nomy lamm used to be friends with kimya when she was a barista in olympia, so great to see how far she's come! I almost screamed when i heard her on the juno soundtrack!!

hmmm.. | Reviewer: meghan
    ------ About the song I Like Giants performed by Kimya Dawson

When I first heard this song, I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous. Mouth hanging open,possibly a raised eyebrow, and I know I was sort of whispering "how?" over and over again. I cant make sense of it, how one person can pluck such astounding meaning from the words in her head and create something that touches so many others. Lets just say I'm a fan.

... | Reviewer: kris
    ------ About the song 12/26 performed by Kimya Dawson

holy jesus who are these kids??? yeah i'm sure you feel so edgy and alternative listening to kimya instead of what all your fellow 6th graders listen to, but it makes all the difference if you actually /understand/ what you're listening to, and the message it's trying to convey. are you even old enough to remember what happened on the day this song is referring to?

Opened | Reviewer: Mandy
    ------ About the song Loose Lips performed by Kimya Dawson

I guess you can say I found Kimya through Juno? I never watched the movie, but I found the opening song to it on youtube, and that lead me to the suggestions where I found Kimya.

This was the first song I heard from her and I instantly fell in love. She may not have the best voice (even though I think it's amazing), but her songs have meaning to them. And they mean a lot to me. They opened my mind to new ideas and made me stronger and proud of who I am. I'm a lot happier because I can let myself feel this way and I don't feel alone, because I know Kimya feels this way too. So if I ever get lost, I can always listen to her songs and find myself again.

Thank you Kimya Dawson for not being afraid and breaking the mold (: I do hope you become more mainstream so more people can feel inspired by your poetry, just never change what you believe in or who you are if you ever do.

thanks u. | Reviewer: Mary. P
    ------ About the song I Like Giants performed by Kimya Dawson

Dear Kimya,

Thanks u for sharing your vision and presented it to the World.
Your stories have inspired me to make a better society... A better world for every single one of us all.

Best regards,


Kimmy is Awesome! | Reviewer: Rose :/
    ------ About the song I Like Giants performed by Kimya Dawson

I love all of Kimya's songs! Their so nice and relaxing and confusing and fun! I just love her singing and all of her songs! They always make me forget about everything and makes me feel relaxed. ♥

seriously? | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song 12/26 performed by Kimya Dawson

hanna montans alter ego???????????????? that is an insulting comment not only to her but to her fans as well. she is a mother, an artist, and a true example of what folk music is.

Thank you. | Reviewer: Sheridyn
    ------ About the song Loose Lips performed by Kimya Dawson

I actually didn't hear this from Juno...
I've been going through a slight depression and I've been having a rough time just making it through the day. I told my friend Gwin this and she did everything she could to cheer me up, but not much helped.
Then she sent me an email that said...
"so if you wanna burn yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna cut yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna kill yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
call me up before your dead, we can make some plans instead
send me an IM, i'll be your friend!"
This song is amazing and helped me out of my depression. And now I listen to it whenever I'm sad.

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