Kimya Dawson Albums

  • Thunder Thighs Album (10/18/2011)
    All I Could Do
    Year 10
    Miami Advice
    Solid And Strong
    Zero Or A Zillion
    I Like My Bike
    Driving Driving Driving
    The Library
    Walk Like Thunder
    Captain Lou
    Utopian Futures

  • Alphabutt Album (9/9/2008)
    I Like Bears
    Seven Hungry Tigers
    Happy Home (Keep On Writing)
    I Love You Sweet Baby
    Uncle Hukee's House
    We're All Animals
    Little Panda Bear
    Sunbeams And Some Beans

  • Remember That I Love You Album (5/7/2006)
    Tire Swing
    My Mom
    Loose Lips
    Caving In
    Better Weather
    I Like Giants
    The Competition
    I Miss You
    My Rollercoaster

  • Split with Matty Pop Chart Album (3/7/2006)
    Kimya Dawson - My Mom
    Kimya Dawson - Underground
    Matty Pop Chart - Child Of The Sea
    Matty Pop Chart - Thailand Song

  • Hidden Vagenda Album (10/5/2004)
  • Knock-Knock Who? Album (8/3/2004)
  • My Cute Friend Sweet Princess Album (8/3/2004)
  • I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean Album (11/5/2002)

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