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Following the demise of his band Overcast in 1998, bassist
Mike D'Antonio explored the underground Massachusetts
hardcore punk and heavy metal scenes in search of members
for a new band. In 1999, D'Antonio met Adam Dutkiewicz and
Joel Stroetzel, guitarists for Aftershock. Dutkiewicz took
the role of playing drums, while Stroetzel remained on
guitar. The trio searched for a vocalist and eventually
hired Jesse Leach, formerly of Corrin and Nothing Stays
Gold. The now four-member band took the name of "Killswitch
Engage," a name More...

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Review about Killswitch Engage songs
Love em! | Reviewer: KsE Fan94
    ------ About the song Take This Oath performed by Killswitch Engage

I certainly love Howard more than Jesse... they're both great tho. Their latest album is pretty good. Howard had a good run with the guys and wish he stuck in the band. Love the work he put out with Devil You Know. Cant wait for a next album for both bands :)

if we find the strength to unify | Reviewer: AnnaTheActivist
    ------ About the song Rise Inside performed by Killswitch Engage

Peace and love to you, Jesse, Mike, Joel, and Adam. My colleagues and I at UMASS Amherst ULA program extensively question how the "strength to unify" is achieved. I cherish this song and the great way you expressed the need for solidarity. I shed tears each time I sing to myself, "Why have we forsaken one another?". I did in fact "rise inside", faced American facts, do wish people paid more attention to lyrics, and would love to see you guys put out a book of short essays to expound on the important social contributions in your songs.

And i see your face,in these tears | Reviewer: Jared_Williams
    ------ About the song My Curse performed by Killswitch Engage

Well,i love this girl by the name of Nicole Joseph...but the problem here is that she does'nt,leave love me,does'nt like of me...and it really hurts inside of me...but still i love her so much,im not giving up on as been over 3 years that i love her...and yet when i see her at school,she's like ''Hey,sometimes smiles'' and this song really brings strenghtens me...''Killswitch Engage'' you guys are really an inspiration for the Youth of today guys...keep up the ''Blessed'' work guys,lots of support and Love from Jared_Williams.

Long Distance is a Curse | Reviewer: John Kramer
    ------ About the song My Curse performed by Killswitch Engage

This song is a long distance relationship, the curse is loving someone even though you will probably never see them again and the eminent break up that comes as a result. For everyone out there who feel this pain, I am in it right now... and although their is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is a gleaming opening waiting to present itself to you.

LOVE THIS BAND!!! | Reviewer: Ethan
    ------ About the song As Daylight Dies performed by Killswitch Engage

This is a great song, and this album, and this band as a whole! I just wish that they would come out and admit they're a christian band. Wether you like it or not, they portray so many christian messages through all of their songs. More than an actual christian band such as August Burns Red. But, either way, they are still a great band, and most definitely a christian band in my eyes. Which for me, makes them a million times better. I just wish they would come out and say they were and see how many people would become new fans and how many old ones would still say. It would be good for them, their fans, and most importantly, God <3 I still love this band though, either way <3

waiting... | Reviewer: Tea
    ------ About the song My Curse performed by Killswitch Engage

I love the song. i was in love with someone... doesn't matter. i still love him. he is married now, have a nice daughter. i cannot give up waiting for him. i just can't! this is my curse. i hope you guys all get better! greetings from Hungary! :)

Hate to break it to ya | Reviewer: Kse fan
    ------ About the song The End Of Heartache performed by Killswitch Engage

Personally I do like how this song could be interpreted in many ways, giving it personal meaning to different individuals, but I have to speak the truth. This song has the same meaning as "My Curse" by KSE. It's about the loss of a loved one in death.
"My only desire - to bridge our division" (the division is death)
"In sorrow I speak your name"
"Your picture, a bitter memory" (both of the lines speak the same thing, that his longing for her is tormenting him, since they will not be united again)
"And my voice mirrors my torment"
This song is so beautiful and addresses something that nearly all humans are eventually faced with.

heartbroken | Reviewer: kim
    ------ About the song My Curse performed by Killswitch Engage

This song is a powerhouse and has significant meaning to me. To me, it is about a man who is suffereing tremendous depression and is pushing the woman he loves away as a part of his illness and method of isolation. He doesnt want to be like this but he cannot love and be there for her the way he wants to be.

just being honest | Reviewer: Danny
    ------ About the song The End Of Heartache performed by Killswitch Engage

We can all take someting from what we see and hear in this song.
In this song, personaly, i feel that he is talking about Jesus. You may think I'm crazy , but i feel this comes from a place of brokeness and need Jesus, to be there, to comfort, to save.

Daylight dies | Reviewer: Ricki
    ------ About the song As Daylight Dies performed by Killswitch Engage

Daylight Dies is one of the best songs I've heard from these guys. The first time I heard it, it was extremely catchy. Howard's vocals and the clean sound fron these guys puts them above all other Scream bands in my opinion!

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