Killing The Dream Albums

  • Fractures Album (6/1/2008)
    Part II (Motel Art)
    Thirty Four Seconds
    Consequence (What Comes Next)
    Everything But Everything
    Hang The Jury
    We Were
    You're All Welcome
    Thirteen Steps
    Holding The Claws

  • In Places, Apart Album (9/13/2005)
    Rough Draft (An Explanation)
    Critical Thought
    Post Script
    If It Rains
    Where The Heart Is
    We're All Dead Ends
    Ante Up
    Past The Stars
    Sick Of Sleeping
    Writer's Block
    39th And Gilsan
    Four Years Too Late

  • Killing The Dream Album (8/1/2004)
    Picking Up the Pieces
    We'll Always Have Paris
    Play The Tune Or Die
    10 1/2
    Before You Fall Asleep
    January 2nd
    Pardon The Interruption
    The Escape
    By Now

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