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The Strokes Killing Lies Lyrics

Last updated: 12/01/2011 10:00:00 AM

Say a prayer now
Don’t be scared now
You don’t want trouble
Well we might get some.
We might get some,
It’s troublesome.
But don’t you worry
You can't help me...

Killing lies, killing lies,
Killing lies, killing lies

First you're worried
Then you're hurried
Don’t think that everything
is gonna stay the same
That’s impossible.
Before I let you go
Let me look at you
Don’t you worry
You will help me

Killing lies, killing lies
Killing lies, killing lies

Oh yes I noticed you
You are a friend of mine
Oh yes I noticed you
You are a friend of mine

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Stunning | Reviewer: Nacho | 11/30/11

this just proves that the strokes is the perfect band . . . in an emotional way of viewing it the have a song for every single emotion or situation that life can bring and no ban else does