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Killer Mike PL3DGE Album

Last updated: 01/22/2014 01:06:36 PM

Release Date: 05/17/2011
Tracks in PL3DGE: So Glorious, That's Life II, Ric Flair, Ready Set Go, Burn, God In The Building II, American Dream Prelude, American Dream, Follow Your Dreams, Ready Set Go (Remix)

PL3DGE Album Tracklist

PL3DGE is the fifth studio album by American hip hop artist Killer Mike, released in May 17, 2011, on SMC Recordings, Grind Time Official, Tree Leaf Records and Grand Hustle Records. The album has collaboration of many names on production like Tha Bizness, that have worked with Young Jeezy and Nas, No I.D. that work with rapstar Kanye West several times along his career, among productions of Flying Lotus, The Beat Bullies, DJ Speedy, Raz of the Beat Billionaires and Grind Time-label mates Smiff & Cash. From Wikipedia