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Aesop Rock Kill the Messenger Lyrics

Last updated: 02/01/2008 11:00:00 AM

(spoken) Hey stupid youre listening to Bazooka Tooth, Dental Cannons, Molar Pistols, shit like that this Merc mutha fukcer this is Aesop Rock Aes-Rizzle ya know what Im sayin'? Check it out like living legends Def Jux...

Every leader dead and its making you upset.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom
set, set, set...
Every hero dead and its making you forget.
get, get, get.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom.

Im in a out a pig channel serated by hand feeders
army of vicious kidney patrol yam peelers
they sleep in barns and whisper lonely conspiricay secrets
Increasing payroll to end is blind a.w.o.l. went the leaders
The only marrow officially banned from food chain confront.
Finishing for over 25 consecutive years on top is aggravating,
Alarming the pulse dont bump right,
and he's up nights bumping over crunk and bug bites.
who luck lite this evening. Stay electric mud blood jockey in for the footing. My last super starts with a filling grit over pickled muppet hearts while sheep tucked deep in the wood chipper. For the shepard was a milk horn in scissors. Cleme hens make 'henefa' on a risky Jenga terms. They're all sweating, Hell I'm sweatin' too, just ain't nobody sweatin' you!
The muck went a-brik

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