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My Own Private Alaska Kill Me Twice Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2011 12:00:00 PM

When you'll be here, what will you say?
Will you go on lying to me again?
Inside the sores, bleeds a river you'll have to taste & swallow hole

You will recall we have died once
On a fucking road, on a sunny day
I will remind I could have killed for less.
You still could disappear for ever.

As we're well mannered
I should not talk like this.
But as I died in that car
I just intend to live
Intend to live
Intend to forget
Live with this
Now I saw a light.

As we're well mannered
I should, not spit like this.
But it's your turn to die
I just intend to kill.

You we're supposed to love me
You we're supposed to care
You we're supposed to play a part
You we're supposed to...

You we're supposed to like the game
You we're supposed to talk
You we're supposed to reinvent
You we're supposed to kiss or kill

Kill me twice
Kiss me first.

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