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Equipped with cryptic, dreamy lyrics and a femme lead
singer, the "new wave-ish" pop band Kill Hannah evokes
memories of Meat is Murder stickers on my high school
locker and staying up late to watch new Cure videos on
MTV's 120 minutes. Kill Hannah (Update) In fact, with their
tight rhythms, driving guitars (Kerry Finnerty used to be
in Certain Distant Suns) and faux British accent, this
babyfaced Chicago quintet is not unlike the post-Japanese
Whispers, pre Disintegration Robert Smith & Co.

Q101's James Van Osdol says, "I like them More...

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Review about Kill Hannah songs
S.W.I.M. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

not a massive kill hannah fan however...
somebody who isnt me was at a party when they were tackled to the floor by a very drunk crush.
song pretty much explains the rest of the trip back to her place ;)
always had a soft spot for this song since

CRAZY!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

hahahahah!!!!!! u people make me laugh! NOT!! any song is meant to be interpreted by anyone how they want. Also just because The Twilight Saga is huge, THAT DOESN'T MEAN EVERY SONG THAT DEALS WITH VAMPIRES, VENOM, WEREWOLVES, etc. is directly about Twilight. Get your head out of the clouds (no disrespect to all the twilighters but). also to label yourself emo is just following sterotypes! me im just different! thank-you im finished :)
love(S2) peace (Y) and frybread grease! :)
kat out....

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love You To Death performed by Kill Hannah

This was mine and my girlfriends song, we were both major KH fans and we saw them perform this song last year in Birmingham, was an amazing experience. After a long relationship we broke up and I couldn't bare to listen to it. This month we will have been broken up a year and I just listened to it and instead of crying like before it made me think how far I've come, how happy I am and how beautiful life can be. This song will forever be close to my heart <3

small correction | Reviewer: Dennis
    ------ About the song Scream performed by Kill Hannah

Vane should be capitalized. Sybil Vane is a charachter in The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by Oscar Wilde. She is a person of extreme beauty and plays numerous roles for multiple plays in the novel.

Inspiring, and a whole lot of LOL@comments | Reviewer: Allison
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

This song is probably one of my favorites by them, as I'm not to fond of their other songs- I'm more into up-beat things on the lines of techno-rockish.
I'm actually trying to get back into writing stories- and I heard this song a few nights ago. Needless to say, it triggered something. c:

And, I think I almost peed myself at laughing at the pathetic comments... Seriously guys, I'm not to fond of Twilight anymore (The last few books kinda... ruined it if you ask me) but that doesn't mean you need to go full-out raging at someone for being "inspired" or "reminded" of something (I think this calls for some maturity here- Kudo's to the kid below me, who seems to understand this concept).

As for the people throwing out the "qualities a vampire has" they are mythical creatures. If you can find a living specimen *and i don't mean someone with the actual disease, so good luck* then go ahead and let us all know what you find. I'd LOVE to know. :)

ANYWHO, This is one hell of an inspirational song, and definitely one of my all-time favorites. ;) Special thanks to Kill Hannah for breaking my writers block<3!

What ever happened to people being able to have an opinion? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

Well, first things first.
I am a HUGE Kill Hannah fan. I've loved them for years now. This song is amazing :)
Second. So what if some-one makes a conection with the song and Twilight? The first time I heard this song, it made me think of a book I was really into at the time. And I was also a bit offended at the comment about her being a sad 13 year old who was a dark Emo wannabe. (Not in exact words.) I am 13 and I have been Emo since I was 10. And yeah, I really like the Twilight books. Me and many others would say this does not make me a wannabe. It makes me my own person. Everyone can think what they like and feel what they want. Comparing none-Emo things to Emo music.. why are you even making a huge deal out of it?!

Last Night Here | Reviewer: CrAzYaNgEl
    ------ About the song Last Night Here performed by Kill Hannah

This song used to be me and my ex-boyfriends song. Its still always the song I go to when I need cheering up. It reminds me of him and good memories (:
Anyways, Mat Devines voice is perfect, and the just amazing. I love Kill Hannah. Its sad that I missed the Concert in Knoxville last July. But I hope to attend the other.
This song is without a doubt...amazing.
<3 Mat Devine <3

Hahahahaha | Reviewer: Starlesseyes
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

HAHA thankyou guys, i just got a good laugh looking at how agro some people get over lyrics, hehehe i just came to see the lyrics, like all you pribably did, abd now hundreds hav read your outbursts :P classic losers, thanks for the laugh

WoW | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

This song can be about whatever you want it to. That's why musicians do it. All you people swearing and getting angry need to grow up. Everyone has an opinion.
Don't critique to put people down. You assholes.

ENOUGH | Reviewer: Enough of your shit!
    ------ About the song Lips Like Morphine performed by Kill Hannah

Ok, lets get this straight:

1. I dont care about YOUR music, i came here to find out the words for KILL HANNAHS music, no need to advertise about it to people that will never hear you

2. Enough with the Twilight bull. I've watched the first film once, and i must say, its terrible. Not everything in the world is related to twilight you little 13 year old, wannabe dark emo kids. I may even accept your opinion about twilight being related to the song, due to the seemily addictive effect edwards kiss has on bella in the first film, but your grammer, punctuation and writing acctually offends me. its not 4, it's FOR. Until you can learn to properly punctuate a sentence, i will refuse to acknowledge your arguments.

3. Julia, since you were kind enough to leave a name i shall adress you by it. I agree that people need to stop comparing any song about love to twilight, and i would hate for any of my favourite bands to come under that sort of offense, but Kill Hannah are basically mainstream. they are mainstream to the point of all these twilight obsessing 13 year olds knowing about them, and most of those sorts only listen to 'popular' music.

all in all, most songs have their own story, dont insert one based on a popular movie.

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