Kieran Goss Albums

  • Red-Letter Day Album
    Hand Upon My Heart
    Our Love Endures
    I Came Through
    Moments In Time
    Fire From The Flame
    Time That's In Between
    Unconditionally Yours
    I Don't Want To Leave You
    Reasons To Leave (Heaven On Earth)
    Easy Way
    Red-Letter Day
    Big Tough World
    Tell Me Why

  • Brand New Star Album
    Brand New Star
    Just Around The Corner
    We'll Understand
    3 Part Harmony
    Salt To THe Wounds
    Fortunes Rise And Fall
    Lean On You
    Driving Home To You
    Times Ain't What They Used To Be
    All That You Ask Me

  • Worse Then Pride Album
    Waste Of Time
    Out Of My Head
    I Don't Want To Stop Loving You
    I Close My Eyes
    Weight Of The World
    Cast The Stone
    Running For A Reason
    Dust You Down
    Worse Then Pride

  • New Day Album (3/1/1995)
    Take a Look at My Heart
    Words Across the Sky
    Somebody's Love
    New Day
    Find the Words
    Lean on Me
    Twisting and Turning
    Look My Way
    You Wait for Me
    All That You Ask Me
    Reach Out (I'll Be There)

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