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During their brief existence, Kid Dynamite won over legions
of loyal fans with their hyper-hummable brand of exuberant
hardcore. Their music is sweaty, grimy, grinning punk rock
without the overly aggressive political posturing that
makes much of the post-Minor Threat American punk bands so
tiresome. While Kid Dynamite's music may not be
revolutionary, it is stunningly well-done. Singer Jason
Shevchuk's evocative, raspy scream/shout singing recalls
Blake Schwarzenbach (of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil).Dr.
Dan Yemin (he has a More...

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Tolkien Review!!! | Reviewer: Addison
    ------ About the song K05-0564 performed by Kid Dynamite

Yeah....i just wanted to be the first and only review, but this is my favorite song from the best all time punk//harcore band!!! if u like this, u will like none more black (even though their music sucks, but the vocals are amazing!!!) so yeah kid dynamite forever. woahhh i can get a ringtone.......

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