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Hip hop hasn’t evolved drastically in some time, and with
all the new comers making catchy and infectious records for
a quick ring tone sell, there’s a lack of creativity in hip
hop and the focus is more about how many units can be sold.
Every generation a few new artist’s come forth with
something to set a pace for a whole new sound and vibe–this
time around, the midwest delivers another innovative artist
to break down barriers and set trends.

K.i.D CuDi’s music can only be described as the next level
of music in our generation More...

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Review about Kid Cudi songs
One of my favorite songs on the album | Reviewer: HK
    ------ About the song Sky Might Fall performed by Kid Cudi

It's so freakin' catchy. I've had it on repeat 5 times straight. It just makes ya bob your head and sing along, all while feeling light and psychedelic, haha. There's something...otherworldly about it.

I love this part:

Away very far away,
To another universe where all people say,
Its a new new place for the special to embrace,
Like a martian you seein' it,
Wandered out the place,
Take what you need from the valley of tha hopeful,
Even if you dry you'll be floatin' high above it,
You can say Bye Bye Bye,
Sky might be fallin' but remember you can fly high.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Soundtrack 2 My Life performed by Kid Cudi

a friend of mine showed me this song. his name is scotty too and it's like...his life story as well XD also, he's an aspiring hip hop artist ha. i love this song cause every time i hear it i think of him

Tard | Reviewer: Doug
    ------ About the song Come Around performed by Kid Cudi

"waiting in the dungeon with the not many stainless" should be "waiting in the dungeon with my nine milli stainless"
"ignorant to the fact i'm dying quick off this pork" should be "Ignorant to the fact im dying quick off the port" in Newport.

Cudder | Reviewer: <3
    ------ About the song Man On The Moon (The Anthem) performed by Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi.
Say it right or don't say it at all.

This man is my HERO.
When you listen to music he makes shadows look like rays of sunshine, he makes all your bad feelings go away for just a little while. Stress seems to evaporate. Sadness and anger seem to crawl and skitter away. Happiness and Hope makes its way into the scene and suddenly nothing matters anymore. There is a Kid and his name is Cudi. He makes this amazing music, that is like medicine curing my diseases. :)

Correction for the (?) | Reviewer: BaseOwl
    ------ About the song All Along performed by Kid Cudi

He says Lion Hearted where both the question marks are. It's a reference back to his first album, the track entitled Heart of a Lion[Kid Cudi Theme Music]. Great job with the rest of the lyrics though. Awesome song.

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