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I slipped away
I slipped on a little white lie

We got heads on sticks
You got ventriloquists
We got heads on sticks
You got ventriloquists

Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed [x4]

Rats and children follow me out of town
Rats and children follow me out of town
Come on kids...

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The point of comments. | Reviewer: Harley | 1/10/13

Mr. Anonymous, no one is forcing you to read (read, not hear, since you can't hear writing) people's interpretations. The lyrics are at the top of the page, comments are at the bottom. If you don't care about people's thoughts on the song, don't read the comments. The point of these comments sections is for people to talk about the song, not for arses like you to suggest we all stop thinking about things. I suggest you stop being such a wanker yourself.

kidda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/11

kid a was taken from a term used to decribe a friend a mate "allright der kidder" its a term used in liverpool..thom took it from paul mccarthy,whos the villain by paul mccarthy out next yaer.. read it..

Children and rats | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/11

Just wanted you to know: the whole part about rats and children is a reference to the Hamelin piper legend, where he drove out the rats and stole the children (which followed him because they wanted to).

.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/11

just so everyone knows, no one gives a shit about what this song means to you losers or what you think the song means. people looked the song up to know the lyrics, not to hear a bunch of wanker's two cents on the song.

what i see | Reviewer: Ian | 6/14/11

No idea what this song means, but I love what it conjures up in my mind. mental images. this, and "grapevine fires" are the only two songs that completely release me from my physical self. A FLAC file of this song will take you places in your mind you never knew existed.

interp | Reviewer: dave | 4/21/11

i dont know what this song is about, the beggining sounds like a little toy spaceship landing and the railroad sound kind of makes the space ship sound like its arriving somewhere, then a little alien pops out and starts walking to the beat and looks around in a barren cold world

smickens | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/11

"He said he used a vocal manipulation to distance himself from the title track's "brutal and horrible" subject matter, which he could not have sung otherwise."

That small excerpt shows the emotions that went into this song and it's meaning.

Music industry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

Christ- why do people always over interpret lyrics? It's about selling out as a popular artist in the American Idol generation. WE have heads on sticks, YOU have ventriloquists. Rats and children follow me out if town... Who buys popular music these days?

Chilling | Reviewer: Dylan | 3/9/11

Wow, just wow. By far the best track on the album and for good reason. The lyrics are open to hundreds of interpretations but one thing chills me to the bone. Listen closely to the final wailing sound. Its a baby crying. I heard that and I shivered. Anyone else remember the kidnapped baby theory?

wtf | Reviewer: altowolf | 3/3/11

wtf, 1st time i heard this on Pandora, i was like, this seems like a relaxing song, then came those vocals and at first i thought it was some kinda instrument, but then i was like "wtf, are those voices?!?" and its creeping me out. so i look up the lyrics and i think "WTF how the heck? ?? ??"
let me give my thoughts on the lyrics:
"i slipped. i slipped on a little white lie"
watch your step

"we got heads on sticks. you got ventriloquists"
WTF heads on sticks??! disturbing image. mix that with ventriloquists. even more disturbing image..

"standing in shadows at the end of my bed"
holy shiz, now next time i go to bed, there will be a shadowy figure standing in a dark corner of the room..omg

"rats and children follow me out of town. come on kids"
... PEDOPHILE!! if that doesnt spell out a pedo then i dont know what will!

look, i know there IS actual meaning to the lyrics, but this song just gives me the chills. but i do really like it, minus the "vocals".

MAOW | Reviewer: GRAWR | 2/28/11

I like the thought of it being simply about unity. Im no peace nut or anything. But when i think of the lyrics. "we've got heads on sticks, you've got ventriloquists" We have one half, you have the other. "standing in the shadows at the end of my bed" I think of this more as, standing into the past holding onto what split the unity, perhaps some "little white lie", and this white lie just got blown up. Im sure this isn't the true meaning, thats the thing about radiohead though, and why i love them, they have truly poetic lyrics. They leave a key to an open song for your mind to open, and express your own self through. :)

Kid A | Reviewer: Sauer | 10/10/10

This song reminds me of space. The sounds in the beginning along with that glockenspiel type thing give me that feeling like when im trippin, it feels like yer in space. Im not entirely sure what the song means, but i know that thats what it means for me, a spacey feeling that sometimes reminds me of my childhood. Maybe thats what it meant for thom, the part about "starin at the shadows at the foot of my bed" Havent we all seen things movin in the dark when we were young? We all thought they were monsters or some creatures. Maybe it was a dream. The possiblities are endless, and thats one of the reasons i love radiohead so much...

trippin | Reviewer: steven | 7/5/10

no matter how much time you spend analyzing any poem, you'll never know exactly why the poet meant any of the words he said. but, i guess the fun of it all is guessing.

personally, i believe this song is just about tripping the fuck out.
he was probably fucked up, staring at the shadows at his bed, and wrote some words down about it some other time.

heckers song | Reviewer: -MC | 5/31/10

pied piper is the poor man who was shafted by the town which he trusted to deliver payment for his services. As revenge for the townspeoples selfishness, he stole all their children and drowned them in the river.
for some reason i think of the first sentient machine aswell, exacting its revenge for humanities wrongdoings, probably has something to do with the trippy voice filter.

Song Of Meaning | Reviewer: (Asuka\Winter) | 2/18/10

They lied to us. I figured it out.
They got away.
We've got a mind... All you have are voices... You cant control us. Haha. I wait.. And eventualy, they will realize this and my loyal children will follow me. Away from you. Ha. And even some of your rats.. They betrayed you. And theres nothing you can do about it. Your brainwashing is over.

Maybe... the govenment...? They lie.. did you know? Of course they lie. Theyre human too.

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