Keyshia Cole Albums

  • Point Of No Return Album (10/7/2014)
    Intro (Last Tango)
    Heat Of Passion
    N. L. U
    Next Time (Won't Give My Heart Away)
    Rick James
    New Nu
    On Demand
    Love Letter
    Party Ain't A Party
    Remember (Part 2)

  • Woman To Woman Album (11/19/2012)
    Enough Of No Love
    Missing Me
    Trust And Believe
    Get It Right
    Woman To Woman
    I Choose You
    Hey Sexy
    Next Move
    Who's Gonna Hold Me Down
    Why Lie
    Bonus Tracks
    Who's Gonna Love Me Now
    Why Would You Lie

  • Calling All Hearts Album (12/21/2010)
    I Ain't Thru
    Long Way Down
    Tired Of Doing Me
    If I Fall In Love Again
    So Impossible
    Confused In Love
    Take Me Away
    What You Do To Me
    Last Hangover
    Two Sides To Every Story
    Where Would We
    Thank You
    Better Me

  • A Different Me Album (12/16/2008)
    A Different Me Intro
    Make Me Over
    Please Don't Stop
    You Complete Me
    No Other
    Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea
    Playa Cardz Right
    Brand New
    Thought You Should Know
    This Is Us
    Where This Love Could End Up
    Beautiful Music
    A Different Me Outro
    Bonus Tracks
    Playa Cardz Right (No Rap Version)
    I Love You (Part 3)

  • Just Like You Album (9/25/2007)
  • The Way It Is Album (6/21/2005)
  • I Changed My Mind Album (11/9/2004)
  • Never Album (3/23/2004)

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    Reviews about Keyshia Cole albums
    Pay attention fellas | Reviewer: Todd L. Chatman
        ------ About the album Woman To Woman performed by Keyshia Cole

    I've always liked Keyshia Cole.This album gets right to the point and you can'tdo anything but listen and take heed.She's empowering the sisters.I'm a married man I innerstood the concept.To me this is her best project.Good job Keyshia!

    I love the wa it si | Reviewer: Eugene Mangundu
        ------ About the album The Way It Is performed by Keyshia Cole

    This is brilliant piece of work ever. She has powers inside her to get things the way she wants. This the music i can listen all my life, there is something caring ton stay her songs. Two women she looked up to made her the way she is today. Thank Mary J. Blige and Brandy Norwood.

    my idol | Reviewer: toni
        ------ About the album Just Like You performed by Keyshia Cole

    man keyshia i really do love all your songz and they makes me want to do better with my life and you know where you stand and where you may be heading and you never forgot where you come from. Keyshia you are like my big sister that i always wish to have. i love oyu keyshia cole. my idol. i almost forgot my best and favorite is let it go. the biggest fan ever in the entire world.

    i feel like u | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Just Like You performed by Keyshia Cole

    yo keyshia u have made me think more about a man and a relationship because u right about i remember, fallin out and should let u go that is movation very morning and i get up and listen to it i want u to know that i am a very big fan of yours!!!!!!!!!

    hot!!!!! | Reviewer: demountria
        ------ About the album Just Like You performed by Keyshia Cole

    man keyshia cole is my idol she been throught so much and still drop a hot album and she never forget to be sexy.She also remember where she came from and where she might be heading .....and thats on top and you know this love you idol!!!!!!!!!!

    Just Like You Album | Reviewer: Tiana
        ------ About the album Just Like You performed by Keyshia Cole

    All I have to say is that this album proves once again that Keyshia Cole is the TRUTH! Every song on that album is a hit and has a little something for everyone to relate to. I can't choose a favorite cuz i love them all but her song Trust hits me deep. She's the young Mary J. Blige... I need to see her in concert asap!

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