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The school of hard knocks has been breeding grounds for
many of the most talented musicians in history. With the
rough and tumble street life playing catalyst for some of
the grittiest modern-day blues, much-celebrated artists
from B.B. King to the Ohio Players to Lil Boosie have
poured their pains, frustrations, accomplishments and
celebrations into a universal language.

Reformed Baton Rouge hard head Kevin Gates is one of these
extraordinary entertainers. The product of a city commonly
known as the “Bloody Sticks,” neither a barrage of would-be
assassins’ bullets, the perils of More...

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    ------ About the song MYB performed by Kevin Gates

Every rapper in the game say they sold cocaine
Never went to jail, was never on no chain
Always throwing crosses
That's what little niggas get
Claim to be a boss but you a little broke bitch
Reason you alive
Thank the niggas you run with
I was in the cell with you
And you Anit run shit
Told me put my shoes on
But you Anit scratch
I recall and jack off and was so laid back
For nighas

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