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Hawkwind Kerb Crawler Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2011 12:00:00 PM

Synchromesh gearbox,
Overhead cams
Mohair motorised wolf
Lying round looking for lambs

Power-assisted steering
8-track stereo
Leopard skin upholstery
FM radio

Kerb Crawler
White side-walls with grooves
Kerb Crawler
So fast he hardly moves
Kerb Crawler
He really approves of
Your high heels clicking
Like a web of cloven hooves

Excuse me lady
Are you looking for a lift?
I ain't going nowhere special
I'm just out on the drift
I'll take you anywhere you want
Drop you outside your door
I might burn us down the Autobahn
With my foot right through the floor

Adagio insect in the skyscraper shade
He's a night city mantis
In the neon parade

Come on, come on
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