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Nazareth Kentucky Fried Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2006 11:00:00 AM

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I got no time to eat
I got no time to sleep
I got a truck full of stuff
Should've been there last week
I've been livin' in truck stops
My body feels used
Got the hamburger that's right, yeah
The kentucky fried blues

Flyin' high in my cab
Got my foot on the gas
Got to get there tonight
Showin' nothin' but a pass
Tired of livin' in truck stops, have mercy
My body feels used
Got the hamburger, that's right, yeah
Kentucky fried blues

Even in the fast lane
Seems to slow down my brain
Got one hell of a deadline
Riggers do not complain
Tired of livin' in truck stops
Lord my body feels used
Got the hamburger that's right yeah, yeah, yeah
Kentucky fried blues.

Words and music by Dan McCafferty, Manny Charlton, Pete Agnew
and Darrell Sweet
(copyright 1977 mtb music,inc. for u.s.a. and canada)
(copyright 1977 nazsongs/panache music ltd. for the rest of the world)
international copyright secured
all rights reserved.

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