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Skeeters am a hummin' on de honeysuckle vine.
Sleep Kentucky Babe!
Sandman am a common' to dis little coon of mine.
Sleep Kentucky Babe!
Silv'ry moon am shinin' in de heabens up above.
Bobolink am pinin' fo' his little lady love.
You is mighty lucky. Babe of old Kentucky.
Close your eyes in sleep.

Fly away, la la. fly away Kentucky Babe, fly away to rest.
Fly away, la la, lay your teensy wooly head on your mammy's breast.
Mmm…, mmm…., mmm….
Mmm…, mmm…., mmm….
Close your eyes in sleep.

Daddy's in the cane-brake wid his little dog and gun.
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Sleep Kentucky Babe!
Possum fo' yo' breakfast when yo sleeping' time is done.
Sleep Kentucky Babe!
Bogie man'll ketch yo' sure, unless yo' close yo' eyes,
Waitin' jes' outside de do' to take yo' by surprise.
Bes' be keeping' shady, little colored lady,
Close your eyes in sleep.


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Looking for: "The Clovers," singing "Kentucky Babe" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/13

The Doo-Wop group "The Clovers" done this song on an LP-Album which was available in the late 1950's. Their version was beautiful. If someone has this LP-Album it would be great to hear it again.

Kentucky Babe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/13

I must've been in the third or fourth grade (1934-1935) when our music teacher, Mrs. Emily McNelly, taught us my all-time favorite lullaby. The words, then, were in dialect just as Perry Como sang it many years later. But the words translated easily when I sang them to my babes in the early 1950s.

Kentucky Babe | Reviewer: Linda Elkins Chandler | 10/25/13

I sang solos at school and loved the lullaby Kentucky Babe. I lived in the Cumberland Mts. in Eastern KY just off Hwy 23. Our hills were truly alive with the sounds of music. In 1961 Kentucky Babe was one of the lullabys I sang to my baby daughter in Chicago, IL where my husband and I had migrated. It touched my heart always and I never forgot this beautiful song. in the mid-80s while living in south central KY, I shared it with a neighbor's son who was 4 yrs old and very hyper. It always calmed him and he learned to sing along. Kentucky Babe is for all ages and will bring a special joy to all who sing and/or listen to it. Thank you for this website so I can listen to it many different artists. It's a national treasure!

Sleep Kentucky babe | Reviewer: Donald App | 8/30/13

I am nearly 80 years old and my early years were in Alabama. The song has been up dated to take out the negro dialect which it needs to be accurate. I had a part-time colored nanny and this is the way she sang this song. Remember this is a colonial(slave day) song.

Sleep Kentucky Babe
Negro lullaby from the colonial times

Skeeters am a hummin'
roun the honeysuckle vine.
Sleep Kentucky babe!

Sandman am a comin'
to dis lil' chile of mine.
Sleep Kentucky babe!

Silvery moon am shinin'
in the hebens up above.
Bobolink am pinin' fo his little lady love . . .

Yo is mighty lucky
babe of old Kentucky
close yo eyes in sleep . . .

Fly away,
fly away, Kentucky babe,
fly away to rest, fly away,
lay yo kinky, wooly head
on your mammy's breast,
Close yo eyes in sleep!

Kentucky Babe, by Burl Ives | Reviewer: John Lillis | 8/16/13

I remember this song from when my kids were little and we had an Ives album with this song and "Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night..." and others. Como's lyrics are quite a bit different. I remember "Daddy's in the canebrake with his little dog and gun/Possum for your breakfast when your sleepin' time is done." Great song! Ives is terrific.

Remembering Kentucky Babe --past and present. | Reviewer: sherry W. | 1/16/12

Wonderful song and heartwarming lyrics. I learned this song in 1960 in my music class. Miss Ellen Dudley was a wonderful music teacher and conductor to us girls. I sang with the choralees,as we were called. The song was sweet and haunting with the humming and the ole sounds of a mammie singing to her Kentucky babe. I remembered it through the years and sang it to my sons and my granddaughter who is a Kentucky girl.
My oldest son sang it to her and still remembers it to this day--He is 43 and loves it to this day. My ole rockin chair would creek as I hummed and sang it to my boys as I sang to them every night at bedtime.
I remember singing this to my granddaughter when we brought her home from shortley after she was born--I didn't know while I was rocking her and singin this song , my son was sitting on the stair case below me listening and was smiling at me when I had gotten my granddaughter to sleep--the sweet smile on his face and him telling me how he remembered me singing this song to him as a little boy was so sweet and touching.
Well, this song is timeless and just wish more mommies and mammies sang and hummed it to their little ones. I still humm it to myself and close my eyes and remember those sweet days rocking my boys as babies.
I remember The Perry Como show and his wonderful smooth and calming voice.
and also him singing this ole Kentucky lullabye.Although my old singing class made more of an inpac on me with all the voices and of course Miss Dudley making it sound like an ole negro spiritual lullabye . You could almost see the skeeters humming round the honeysuckle vine and the sleeping babe. What a great memory!!

Kentucky Babe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

It is my favorite lullaby since I sang it as a solo in a Musical production. I have sang it to all my children 10 and many of my 21 grandchildren and 10 of my gr grandchildren and best of all my foster babies of every hue in God's Rainbow . It is one of the best lullabys ever written. Loveingly remembered.Grandmama Pat

Memories of 4th grade | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

My best friend in fourth grade, Alice Bagley, and I sang this song in the fourth grade school program. Alice sang the lead and I sang alto. It was my first time to sing alto. The second grade teacher helped me to harmonize. I was so glad to find the lyrics again, as I had forgotten most of the words. Thank you for publishing them on this site. My friend Alice died two years later and this song means a lot to me.

Another verse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

Like so many others, my mother sang this to me and I have sung it to my daughers, and grandchildren. I remember a verse, Boogeyman will get you sure unles you close your eyes. Standing right outside your door to catch you by surprise, best be keeping shady, little colored lady, close your eyes and sleep. Probably not politically correct anymore, but I never had any picture in my head other than a loving mother with her baby.

Brought tears to my father's eyes | Reviewer: Stephie | 11/17/10

My father used to sing this lullaby to me as a baby (1973). He had forgotten the tune and lyrics through the years. I was finally able to buy a couple versions (Gene Autry & Maxine Sullivan) via iTunes and learn and sing it to my fourth child. The older children have since learned it and will sing along while singing the baby to sleep. I surprised him when on a video chat one night I started to sing it. It was a source of comfort for him while his mother was dying. He said my singing reminded him of hearing her singing it.
Happy to see others hold this song so special.

you ate half right | Reviewer: Babs | 8/28/10

I need the words to the second verse. It starts out daddy's in the cane break with his little dog and gun. but I get stuck at the next line, I know there's possum for your breakfast when yor sleeping time is done

Fond memory | Reviewer: Lois | 8/27/10

This old song holds a dear place in my heart. My dad had such a beautiful singing voice. In fact, he was knows as the "Singing Postman." I remember he was to sing in a Policeman's Benefit down in Nashville and Kentucky Babe was his song. They were doing an old minstral show and did it all in blackface. I know these days that would not float too well, but as a child, it was wonderful. Even then, I thought it was such a beautiful, heartfelt song with such a warm feeling to give and gave comfort, peace. And it was because it had its "negro" roots that gave it that character! I was just rocking one of my newest grandbabies tonight and found myself singing that song to her. I remembered most of the words! And it made me smile, remember my daddy, and relish in the joy of that song!

maybe yoiu 'll thinkof me | Reviewer: Pat Ryall | 8/20/10

In 1946 when as students stayed by the Shore we had 20 records this was one of the song by the ink spots we play them over and over and know every single note it brings back marvellous memories incidentally, this one was my mother's favourite tune

Finding Peace through an old lullaby | Reviewer: Nancy F. Wiley | 11/13/09

ii-10-09: My memory of Kentucky Babe includes a matchless banjo accompaniment. Couldn't recall all the words. Song so old, would I be able to find it on internet? So strange that "Kentucky Babe" sings itself to me periodically, just rising like faithful sun or moon up from my sub-conscious! It still calms me as much as back when I was running around barefoot and relatives were cooking pinto beans, cornbread, and collards for supper, and this song provided pleasant background sounds. Don't alter the Afro-American lyrics. That is what makes this song so special, so colorful, so memorable!

Kentucky Babe flash back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/09

I was born in 1938, and I remember my mother singing this song to me as a toddler in Akron, Ohio. Remarkably, I remember the tune and most of the lyrics, though I don't recall ever hearing the song except as sung to me in my mother's arms. I wasn't even sure it was a real, published song until I made this search. I think it would be a shame to change the lyrics for PC is a beautiful song, and does not demean anyone; it is just a part of American history and culture. This may well have been written by a negro slave, but so what?! I should think there would be pride in authorship in a work of art like this.

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