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Läs hela historien om ett av sveriges mest framgångsrika
rockband genom tiderna!

Jones & Giftet bildas. Medlemmar är Joakim Berg, Martin
Sköld, Markus Mustonen, Sami Sirviö och Thomas Bergqvist
(synth). Det började med att Jocke åkte till London och
köpte två gitarrer, en till Sami och en till sig själv.
Sami och Jocke hade ett band som repade på Balsta
Musikslott som bestod utav 3 pers. Till tonerna av My
Bloody Valentine bestämde Martin och Jocke att de skulle
bilda ett band. Detta skedde på S:t Eskils cafeteria
Grönan. Jocke More...

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Reviews about Kent songs

747. The name. | Reviewer: Jocke Hellström
    ------ About the song 747 performed by Kent

Like this. The song is 7:47, the plane on the album cover isn't a 747, it's a 737 ( was supposed to be a 747, but there was a mistake made) and Jocke Berg (singer and songwriter) posted on the official homepage that 747 var the number of the drumsample used in the beginning of the song.

How have I never heard of this band??? | Reviewer: Johnny Mac
    ------ About the song 747 performed by Kent

Wow .. I find myself speechless. I read some lyrics on a friend's Hotmail profile a couple of days back - "Shoot me down again.. it won't hurt when the killin' s done by a friend....".
Found the words incredibly moving, so I did a search on Google, and the results were this song from Kent, who I confess I've never heard of...
Downloaded it onto my Ipod, and must say it's the first song in many years that put the hairs up on my body. This must be one of the greatest songs ever.

Som andra | Reviewer: Jennifer
    ------ About the song Dom Andra performed by Kent

this song is great and i just love it!its the best kents song ever!! even though i dont get everything they say i just loveit:D

An excellent song | Reviewer: Luis Enrique Cruz
    ------ About the song 747 performed by Kent

Well, I admit that this song is a masterpiece. I think that the song 747 refers to the aeroplane and it evokes the magnificent association with the song. It's marvellous!

747 - Masterpiece! | Reviewer: Lasse Straagaard Nissen
    ------ About the song 747 performed by Kent

This is far the most perfectly composed melody I have heard yet!
Kent is one of the deepest bands I have had the pleasure to listen to and It's kind of a cool thing that they aren't that famous on a global plan! That makes them a bit more personal!

i am a fan called harry | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Things She Said performed by Kent

i am harry. i am nice. i really love this song. PLEASE GO AND BUY IT OTHERWISE I WILL SEND MY SEND MY HENCHMEN AFTER YOU.

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