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“It’s interesting what a song can do for you emotionally,
professionally and socially,” comments Kenny Rogers on his
back-to-back hit singles, “Buy Me A Rose,” and “The
Greatest,” from his new gold album, “She Rides Wild
Horses.“ “It’s also great when you can continue to touch
people with your music.”

"The Greatest,” the first single from the album, struck a
chord and touched people in a very special way. “The first
time I heard “The Greatest” it reminded me of how simple
life used to be…a boy…a bat…and a ball,” comments Kenny More...

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Review about Kenny Rogers songs
Great song | Reviewer: IBE UKOHA
    ------ About the song What I Did for Love performed by Kenny Rogers

This song points to us that life and all of our self possessions, worth and endevours are nothing; love is all and the only true thing. Let love be the reason we live, and not for any selfish purpose. I really love this song. Big ups to Kenny.

Live, Love, Laugh And Sing | Reviewer: Lynne Godwaldt
    ------ About the song Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton) performed by Kenny Rogers

Fantastic, not only our generation but our children and grandchildren will be singing this song. Our Grand-daughter is only three and we purchased her first Karaoke machine, all Nursery rhymes. For Christmas Santa bought her a Stage. Now can she sing, well Grandpa and Gramma think so, after all her Mother at that played the drums. We are looking forward to hearing her again this year when we get back to Canada after being in Texas for 4 months.Thanks for a fantastic duet

I Never Saw Daddy | Reviewer: McArthur Tevye Matsiko
    ------ About the song Coward Of The County performed by Kenny Rogers

though i didn't see ma biological father, this song has a parental lesson it has always taught me. Actually, it is true that manhood is not revealed through fighting, but through handling issues with wisdom and maturity. Thanks to KENNY ROGERS

Very inspirational. | Reviewer: George Rogers
    ------ About the song SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG performed by Kenny Rogers

It doesn't matter how much friends work to bring me down.Even to the deepest pit that I have ever found myself in.But listening to this song I look up and something inside me,so strong tells me to hold on.They thought my pride was gone.Wait until my light shines and blinds them all.

inspirational encouraging nd uplifting | Reviewer: lungi mkhwanazi
    ------ About the song SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG performed by Kenny Rogers

Two people i love very much deserted me at the same time as if they had planned this to happen this song lifted me up. My head is high up nd my chest is out thanks Kenny u're a *.

A time for remerance | Reviewer: Jim Cox
    ------ About the song Momma's Waiting performed by Kenny Rogers

I learned this song in 1970 just before I joined the US Navy. I played it for my mom at the age of 17,just before I shipped out to Vietnam. Mom always enjoyed the song and especially when I taped it and mailed the tape home.
Last night I called my mom and and she brought up Momma's Waiting and reminded me of the song and shared memories of her playing and replaying the tape while crying. At the end of our conversation, we were both in tears.
Mommy's Waiting, to me, is one of the best.
P.S. Kenny, had you played the song a little slower, with your voice, the song would've blown the charts...God Bless You, Kenny.

Mary Did You Know | Reviewer: Diane Harroll
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Kenny Rogers

I am sixty years young and I must say this is the BEST SONG I have ever listened to. I have always adored Kenny Rogers and this song confirms what a truly wonderful man he is. The song is BEAUTIFUL and heart felt. I listen to it all yr. long yet still tear up every time I hear it. It fills my heart with joy and the love God has for us all.

Mary knew who her baby was. | Reviewer: MJG - Bakersfield Ca.
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Kenny Rogers

Being a mother I love this song, because Mary knew who her baby was and suffered the pain of losing a child as she watched him die on the cross. Our country needs more songs like this one because it seems like our government is trying to take God out of our country. We Christians need to be inspirered and stand up for our Lord. This song is beautiful and makes you stop and feel the love of our dear Lord Jesus. Merry Christ-mas not Happy Holidays!

hard-boiled lyrics with a bounce | Reviewer: Lightninrick
    ------ About the song The Gambler performed by Kenny Rogers

The lyrics of this song are grim from the start: "on a train bound to nowhere," "we were both too tired to sleep," "the night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression," "the best you can hope for is to die in your sleep." That's some pretty tough stuff: life sucks and then you die. The speaker could be a hard-boiled hood or detective from a James Cain novel. If the lyrics were all there was to this tune, it would be a real bummer. The bouncy rhythm and the bright, simple melody are what cues us to the hope in the song, which is the idea that we can control our own fates through alertness and attitude ("know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em"). Life is a gamble, but every hand's a winner (and a loser, too). Make the right moves and you'll break even too. The metaphor of life as a gamble is powerful, and this song manages to express the hard edge of the metaphor and the hope in it all at once. It's quite an achievement to put that tough message across without driving the audience away.

Gives me courage | Reviewer: najat sumaila
    ------ About the song SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG performed by Kenny Rogers

I feel so strong when ever i listern to this song.. it gives hope n faith to keep pushin. i am goin thru alot of injustice, n pple taken advantage of me.. buh i listern to it n it gives me faith n hope.. Tankx Ken..

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