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“It’s interesting what a song can do for you emotionally,
professionally and socially,” comments Kenny Rogers on his
back-to-back hit singles, “Buy Me A Rose,” and “The
Greatest,” from his new gold album, “She Rides Wild
Horses.“ “It’s also great when you can continue to touch
people with your music.”

"The Greatest,” the first single from the album, struck a
chord and touched people in a very special way. “The first
time I heard “The Greatest” it reminded me of how simple
life used to be…a boy…a bat…and a ball,” comments Kenny More...

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Review about Kenny Rogers songs
    ------ About the song Loving Arms performed by Kenny Rogers

Anything Kris Kristofferson writes is so outstanding,intuitive & moving it doesn't't matter who records it--- his songs always sound great and move you.

Rogers' best: Secrets | Reviewer: someone
    ------ About the song The Gambler performed by Kenny Rogers

I happened to pay more attention to the lyrics of this song n realised they carried very deep thoughts and messages. God bless Kenny for his good work. They do not only depict gambling strategies but the actual secrets and orders of life. Thumbs up Rogers!!!

i like this song | Reviewer: ida faith
    ------ About the song The Vows Go Unbroken performed by Kenny Rogers

i love songs of kenny roger bt this is a go for me....i hope ill sing it to da right dude for me one day....God bless you my love wherever u r i know u r coming to listen to me soon

A song that teaches life | Reviewer: Poppy Adamz
    ------ About the song The Gambler performed by Kenny Rogers

this song is a clear manifestation that music is not only a platform for entertainment rather it is educative in nature. As it is beautifully stated in d song gamber "On a train bound no where"is enough lesson that tells us that eventhough we see with our eyes yet we are blind no one knows what tomorrow holds for us. U can be living in this minute n d next minute u gone so be warned. Who on earth can tell me d day he s gonna die/how he s gonna die n d exact minute. indisputed fact that we are blinds that live in hopes n dreams. some come some dont. when u are opportuned work hard n throw away life long opportunity know how to play ur cards n live up right. this song entail words of wisdom

First love | Reviewer: Rossie
    ------ About the song Through The Years performed by Kenny Rogers

When I heard this song at our business trip with my fiance, I remembered his bestfriend my first love...we were together for 1 and 3 months, but suddenly we broke up cause my bff and him fell inlove with each other...but now were happy they're now and my fiance, his bff...are getting married next week...and the 4 of us are still bff's...we grew stronger and are now happy....

Something inside so strong | Reviewer: Dineo
    ------ About the song SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG performed by Kenny Rogers

In the face of adversity, these words/song gives me inner strength to keep on keeping on.....irrespective of evident stubborn challenges.....even when the ones I trusted dessert me... To just look up to my ONLY SOURCE - THE LORD ALMIGHTY!

wonderful reflection by kenny | Reviewer: tony james
    ------ About the song The Last Ten Years (Superman) performed by Kenny Rogers

I was spellbound listening to this timeless song. It underscores the reality of our changing world, transcent nature of life and the dangers inherent in technological advancement. Love u kenny.

A lesson for all of us | Reviewer: Gene Schmuckler
    ------ About the song The Gambler performed by Kenny Rogers

I have used the Gambler on many ocassions when giving presentations to public safety personnel.The song has gained the attention of a good number of those who have the opportunity of listenting to do it.

    ------ About the song SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG performed by Kenny Rogers

Thank you and yes humans may stab the physical with words, swords and even wound you through their deeds but the inner seed that draws hope and the will to flourish will be the source of your victory, and with God as your ultimate master no weapon formed against us will prosper!!!

Great song | Reviewer: IBE UKOHA
    ------ About the song What I Did for Love performed by Kenny Rogers

This song points to us that life and all of our self possessions, worth and endevours are nothing; love is all and the only true thing. Let love be the reason we live, and not for any selfish purpose. I really love this song. Big ups to Kenny.

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