Kenny Price Albums

  • Turn On Your Light And Let It Shine Album (3/1/1974)
    Turn On Your Light And Let It Shine
    Losing You Got The Best Of Me
    All In The Family
    Super Hillbilly
    When I'm On My Knees
    Que Pasa
    She Even Loves Me
    Lady's Leavin'
    Greener Grass To Walk On

  • Sea Of Heartbreak Album (3/1/1973)
    Sea Of Heartbreak
    Give Myself A Party
    Blue Blue Day
    I'd Be A Legend In My Time
    Far Far Away
    Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
    Sweet Dreams
    Just One Time
    Oh Lonesome Me

  • 30 California Women Album (3/1/1973)
    Thirty California Women
    You Can Have Her
    You Left Me Out Of My Dreams
    Love's Not Hard To Take
    Bumper Sticker Song
    You Lay So Easy On My Mind
    Louisiana Lover
    Soul Song
    Jamestown Ferry

  • Super Sideman Album (3/1/1972)
    Super Sideman
    Before My Time
    From Here To There
    Take Good Care Of My Baby
    Thing Called Love
    Easy Lovin'
    Comin' Home To Kentucky
    Take Me
    Would You Take Another Chance On Me

  • You Almost Slipped My Mind Album (3/1/1972)
  • Charlotte Fever Album (3/1/1971)
  • The Sheriff Of Boone County Album (3/1/1971)
  • A Red Foley Songbook Album (3/1/1971)
  • The Heavyweight Album (3/1/1970)
  • Northeast Arkansas Mississippi County Bootlegger Album (3/1/1970)
  • Walking On New Grass Album (3/1/1969)
  • Happy Tracks Album (3/1/1969)
  • Southern Bound Album (3/1/1968)
  • One Hit Follows Another Album (3/1/1967)

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