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Kenny Loggins Biography

Last updated: 02/28/2012 10:00:00 AM

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Kenny was born in January 7, 1948 as Kenneth Clark Loggins in Everett, Washington, as the youngest of three boys. His father was a traveling salesman, which caused him as a kid to move to several different cities throughout the country before his family finally settled in a suburb of Los Angeles, California.

Kenny grew up in Catholic school, and learned to play guitar. As a teen he started playing clubs in areas of California. At eighteen, Kenny was hired as a staff writer for a publishing firm, payed $100 a week. Four years later, he met Jim Messina, who was impressed with several songs he had written for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, particularly the song this site is named after - "House at Pooh Corner", which he had written in high school as a good-bye to childhood. Although Jimmy had originally wanted to be Kenny's producer if he became a solo artist, when the album "Sittin' In" featuring Messina became popular, the pair decided to form a band called Loggins & Messina.

Over the next five years, Kenny and Jim went from obscurity to possessing international fame, amassing seven albums - selling over 4.5 million copies in total - and countless hit singles, including "Your Mama Don't Dance", "Watching the River Run", "Danny's Song", "Love Song", and many others. However, due to creative differences, the pair "split" in 1976 and Kenny began his solo career.

Kenny Loggins' first three albums - Celebrate Me Home, Keep the Fire and Nightwatch all went platinum on singles like "Celebrate Me Home", "This Is It", "What A Fool Believes", "Whenever I Call You Friend" featuring Stevie Nicks, and many more. Additionally, Kenny received two Grammy's for "What A Fool Believes" and "This Is It." High Adventure also produced several hits, including "Heart to Heart" and "Don't Fight It."

Kenny became phenomenally popular during the 1980's, doing movie soundtrack themes such as "Footloose" from the movie starring Kevin Bacon of the same name, "Danger Zone" from the Tom Cruise film Top Gun, and "I'm Alright" from Caddyshack, among others. Unfortunately, because Vox Humana became Kenny's first solo album not to make platinum status, and the following album Back to Avalon was labeled a "commercial fluke" by critics, much of the market left Kenny labeled an "80's soundtrack artist." Kenny managed to silence the critics in 1991 with his insightful album Leap of Faith, which in turn ended up producing four chart-topping Adult Contemporary singles. The following album, Return to Pooh Corner, Kenny's first children's album, which he describes as "music to ... enjoy children by", has already gone double platinum and was nominated for a Grammy in 1995.

Kenny recorded "For the First Time" from the movie One Fine Day in 1997, which in turn was nominated for an Academy Award. In this same year, he released Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, a compilation of 14 of his greatest hits as a solo artist, and The Unimaginable Life, an album sharing the same title as a book he wrote and published simultaneously with his wife Julia. Additionally, Kenny released December, his Christmas album, in 1998. Kenny lives with his wife and his five children (one of which is now in college) - Crosby, Cody, Isabella, Luke, and Hana.

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Dream Come True | Reviewer: Bing Tsai | 5/22/11

I became a huge fan in 1995 which is a bit late compared to others, I suppose. I loved the Leap of Faith album and bought the others soon after that. I waited for 16 years and tonight, I finally watched Kenny Loggins live in Manila for the first time. It was a DREAM COME TRUE. He is one of my favorite artists ever. I love his songs. I will forever be your fan, Kenny Loggins.

Incredible songwriter, singer and entertainer... | Reviewer: Barb Wuscher | 12/12/10

My husband and I have been Kenny Loggins fans for years. His songs touch our hearsts and souls, as does his voice. We've seen him perform live twice and with any luck will catch his act again in the future. I hope we can look forward to his continued presence in the music industry for many years to come. Talent like his doesn't come along nearly often enough.

Oh my Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina !!! | Reviewer: Mary | 9/25/10

Such good lyrics and music ! I Was in high school when many of these songs were popular. I went on to have three sons and a daughter, and I agree with another reviewer that the gift of life is so magnificent, especially in the beginning. Mr. Loggins, you used your talent to bless a whole generation of listeners with the best in lyrics and tunes, and I want to thank you for that. I'm turning 52 in Nov, and the memories that surround your music from my teen years as well as my life presently are in large part due to the music of the 1970's and great memories around yours are especially good. Take care, Mary M in Spokane WA (northern Calif native).

I love Kenny Loggins!!! | Reviewer: Alicia Hudson | 3/8/10

I fell in love with Kenny when the cassette of a Leap of Faith came into my life. I was going thru a divorce and each time I heard the song "Real Thing"...that was the beginning!! I love listening to all Kenny's songs and wish I was a that I could afford to "buy" him!! What beautiful music this man has made and how much happiness he's brought to many lives. I've always loved, respected and very much admired this man for all his music. God Bless Kenny Loggins!! Love ya much, Alicia

Danny's song | Reviewer: JoAZ | 9/21/09

Each time I think or hear this song it makes me thank my lucky stars. I was in college listening to this beautiful song when I was reminded of the precious gift of bringing a life into this world. I was not a mother myself when I first heard this song. Yet I still get that wonderful soft/warm/fuzzy feeling all over when I hear or even think of this song. THE GIFT OF LIFE IS SO MAGNIFICANT... I recall when I heard it in college and thinking "my goodness, they must be so much in love and how precious their child is". I have 2 absolutely perfect boys and each and everytime I hear this song play, I think of my boys and how greatful/blessed I am. I got it!!! xoxo

FOOTLOOSE ROCKS! (the movie and song) | Reviewer: JBJ fan | 8/25/08

Kenny Loggins is a great singer!!! My all-time favorite song of his is Footloose which, as said above, is played three times in Footloose. (in the beginning, in the end, and when Ken brings his friend and Ariel to a dance thing outside of town)