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"I grew up in a very small town, went to a small
elementary, then high school - and got to play football as
a starter. I skinny dipped and fished in a lake, had my
heart broken by my high school girlfriend. I`ve lived like
a lot of guys listening to my music live? And I think
that`s why people buy my records, because they can relate
to the guy singing those songs: They feel like the songs
are about their lives, because they`re about my life - and
I`m not all that different from them, even now."

Kenny Chesney, the pride of Luttrell, More...

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You are my rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That's Why I'm Here performed by Kenny Chesney

Today is your birthday so I hope you listen to this song & fight this disease. I believe in my heart in all of you & I know you can do this. I miss you so much & its time for you to return as my rock, my safe & calm as you are my A LOT!

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That's Why I'm Here performed by Kenny Chesney

I hope my best friend hears this song tomorrow as it is his birthday & I need him to live. I believe in my heart he can beat this disease. I miss you!!! A LOT!!!
K Rock

Rainmaker | Reviewer: Pres
    ------ About the song The Good Stuff performed by Kenny Chesney

You do not understand about her being taken in the first year because you are thinking of this world and not the "other world." It is a dark world even on the brightest day- it rains when their are no clouds. "All that glitters is not gold." The "Star Spangled Banner is rife with symbolism" as is "The Good Stuff." Enough said!

I cried when I first heard this song | Reviewer: Bruce L.
    ------ About the song That's Why I'm Here performed by Kenny Chesney

I have been sober for 33 years and remember the first time I heard this song.....I wept for the entire song. The song explains exactly what AA is about...fellowship and hope. We(I) do not suffer from terminal uniqueness. Nice to know there are Literaly millions with the same story as mine. I have heard this song spoken at hundreds of AA meetings over the past 33 years.
Good work Kenny, you can be certain that you not only entertained millions but you sent a POWERFUL message that I am sure has saved many many good people.

Bruce L.

Love It!! | Reviewer: Caitlyn
    ------ About the song There Goes My Life performed by Kenny Chesney

I dedicated this song to my ex-boyfriend. I just love this song!! I tear up every time I hear it!!,especially the first verse!

Love you Kenny! And Thank You for writing such a beautiful song!! :)

What a wonderful discovery | Reviewer: GB
    ------ About the song A Lot Of Things Different performed by Kenny Chesney

Saw Dean Dillon at Tin Pan South this year (2013) and he performed this song. Never heard it before. It was just Dean and his guitar - slow, heart-wrenching, bare and raw. One of the most incredible performances of a single song I have ever heard - and I've heard many.

You Messed Up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How Forever Feels performed by Kenny Chesney

Haven't you realized that

"little umbrella shaped margaritas"

makes absolutely no sense. You and pretty much everywhere but Metro Lyrics has this wrong. It's

"little umbrella-shaded margaritas"

See, now it makes sense. I just decided to pick on you guys because you came up first on my search so I would hope you were accurate. Guess not.

RIP Jessica M. Forsyth | Reviewer: Lucy
    ------ About the song Who You'd Be Today performed by Kenny Chesney

This song was played in a Jessica Marie Forsyth tribute. It is so true. Me and my friend cried listening to this song because Jess was such an amazing person. Boomer would miss you. So so so sad. And alot of us have cried listening to this song.

Internet Connection For Eternity | Reviewer: Cindy M.
    ------ About the song Me And You performed by Kenny Chesney

I met the love of my life on in April. This is our song since it suits us so perfectly. I wanted someone to grow old with and when we are 90 we would be rocking in our chairs on our porch. I posted this in my profile and a couple of days later Jonathan responded. We have fallen madly in love and never dreamed this would happen... we are both 56 years old. Both lost our former loves over 6 years ago and haven't been looking until now. I found this song and knew this was 'our song'. Jonathan emailed me "I Had You from Hello" as our first song because he said my hello and smile captured him. We plan to marry and will dance to these two songs. My wish is to have Kenny sing both in person to us on our wedding day...he is such a big part of this love story.

We had each other from Hello | Reviewer: Happy Girl
    ------ About the song You Had Me From Hello performed by Kenny Chesney

This song says it all for me and my bf. We have an odd story of How we met. He is a police officer and his first day on the job in my small town I was his very first traffic he walked up to my window he was all nervous and shy it was so cute. He gave me a ticket and let me go. I was so mad but
I knew I wanted to see him again! He found me about 2 weeks later thru mutual friends and been by each others side. Me and my daughter couldn't be happier, that is one speeding ticket I'm happy I received.

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