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The worth of an artist is determined by any number of
factors. The units they clock. The awards they rack up. The
praise they earn. Yet sometimes they are less overt ways an
artist makes an impact. Sometimes a performer has worth
because they resonate. Singer/songwriter Kelly Price
regularly goes platinum, has been honored by the industry,
and is revered by the critics. Yet the most meaningful
indication of Kelly’s worth is how her music makes you
feel. How her songs get deep into your heart and soul and
give you a window not only More...

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Review about Kelly Price songs
An Amazing Song!!!! | Reviewer: star300
    ------ About the song Love Sets You Free performed by Kelly Price

Wow, I cannot believe how beautiful and spiritual this osng is. I think this song is so powerful it can help anyone making bad choices. God Bless the people that made this song!!!!


lessons from i know who holds tomorrow | Reviewer: agbenyo yao ebenezer
    ------ About the song I Don't Know About Tomorrow performed by Kelly Price

the firt line underscores the limitted ability of man, portrayed as a being who only sees what is present. This is contrasted with the omniscience and omnipresence of Jesus christ who knows everything including tomorrow. The says the only to be happy is to hold the hands of jesus.

Mirro mirror rocks | Reviewer: Mahlatse lekhowane
    ------ About the song Mirror, Mirror performed by Kelly Price

Mirror mirror is such a beautiful and humbled song, i lyk i lyk it very much from wnen i was in great 8.oh i knew axactly the meaning of the song,i am a proudly south african but kelly price u rock my world with ur beautiful voice and the messages of ur songs r jst so real,thax 4 the song.(love u)

he proposed | Reviewer: elleen
    ------ About the song He Proposed performed by Kelly Price

i love this song omg i have been searching for it a while now wanting the lyrics now i got it. its a great song for all the people that love romance like myself. i hope one day my baby proposes to me like that. thanks for a great song girl. i love you

Memories... | Reviewer: Tev'
    ------ About the song It's Gonna Rain performed by Kelly Price

- i remember wen this song came out i wus 5 bout to turn 6 , and my ma used to always sing it , & every since den i been singin it & play it
out; dis is a song dat has a lot of meaning & wen eva yu feel like yu down jus listen to Kelly Price-It Will Rain she spoke dah truth in dis classic jam right hea !!!

lovely song | Reviewer: daquasia
    ------ About the song He Proposed performed by Kelly Price

omg i love this song. the first time i heard this song was when i was going to school and my friend was singing it all the way to van buren middle school. i hated that song so much but for some weird reason when i got home i looked up the song and fell in love with it. i cried all night and started thinking about this boy i love but turned him down. this is the best song in my life. its my ringtone for that special someone and one day i hope i change my mind about him and hope we can be together for the rest of our lives till the day we die!!!!!!!!

A great, romantic song | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song He Proposed performed by Kelly Price

I heard this song after I had proposed to my sweetie, pretty much like the song goes, but it wasn't Valentine's Day, and my love was so overwhelmed she forgot to say Yes. But she married me, and we heard this song, and we play it from time to time while we slow dance in the living room, and it sometimes makes both of us cry. Thank you, Kelly Price.

God's Image Restored | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gods Gift performed by Kelly Price

This song reminds me that humankind was made in the image of God. Though sin distorts that image, through Christ it can be restored. Consequently there are no big ones or small ones, important ones or insignificant ones. We are all "God's gift to the world."

Love the song - He Proposed | Reviewer: Veronique
    ------ About the song He Proposed performed by Kelly Price

When i first heard the song i did not know who is singing it but i felt in love with it. It is my wish to find love and my man to propose to me like that - i will love him forever. I always picture that day.... the 14th February

~special feelings~ | Reviewer: BREAUNA
    ------ About the song He Proposed performed by Kelly Price

when i first listened to the song i actually had to listen to the words then the second time i listened to it i cried just thinking about somebody proposing to me that way. As i got older i fell in love and he proposed to me and i cried then when i started thinking about that song i cried even harder!!!! thank you Kelly for making me feel better and making me love my man even more. ~*~BREAUNA

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