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Kellie Dawn Pickler is 19 years old and is from Albemarle,
NC. Singing "before she could talk" (according to Kelly),
Kelly has not had an easy life. But one thing is true:
Kelly can sing. Up untill she tried out for American Idol
Season 5 in Greensboro, NC - she lived with her
grandfather. After losing her grandmother 2 years ago and
working at Sonic, Kelly decided to make a better life for
herself by trying out for American Idol. In February of
2006, Kelly made the top 14 finalist of American Idol out
of hundreds of thousands of More...

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Review about Kellie Pickler songs
Someone Somewhere Tonight | Reviewer: Heather
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

The very first version with Kenny Roger is nice, but kind of not good enough, the second version with Michael Blomsteel is nice his voice is amazing, then with Kellie is nice to hear such lovely song sung by a woman, and her accent makes it rich.

Beautiful Romantic Song by Kellie | Reviewer: toni
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

This song is meaningful and very romantic. She looks beautiful dancing in the video. She is a simple but beautiful woman. Not overmade with so much glam. of the today generation. She can sing like a song bird...

a perfect definition of life by kellie. | Reviewer: Chichi Oroduen
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

Soul soothing tone. When i first heard the song the chills couldnt just stop. Great lyrics touches almost all human life .. Love, misery, growing, pain, the list goes on and on. Great song makes you want to close your eyes and not interupt the ceasless flow of memories it reminds you of. Thumbs up kellie. U've nailed it again. Cant wait for the next one.

Amazing Poetry | Reviewer: James Mills
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler takes a beautiful piece of poetry written by super songsmiths Walt Wilkins and Davis Raines and give it wings that transcend most of the pop music coming from Nashville these days. Well done Kellie !! I am proud for you and for Walt and Davis . Hope to see this at the top of the charts !!!

One of my FAVORITES! | Reviewer: DebbieB
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

I've always liked Kellie but most of her songs but she has gotten lost behind Carrie, Miranda and Taylor. I hope this song gets her back up there b/c it is a beautiful song.....and the video, sexy as heck!

Kellie's Career Defining Moment Song | Reviewer: Tim Patterson
    ------ About the song Someone Somewhere Tonight performed by Kellie Pickler

I have to say that I listen to lots of country music. I heard this song the other day sung by Kelly and said to myself this has to be the best song sung by a female country artist since Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel" and "Home" sung by Miranda Lambert. A true career defining moment for Kellie. I hope that the country radio community will embrace this well deserved song sung by Kellie.

In my head | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Wonder performed by Kellie Pickler

My mom left me and my bother and sister when I was 16. This song speaks my life. It's one thing to have a mother but a whole different story when she's out there and doesn't care. I haven't laid eyes on her since. Had to grow up by myself. It's made me stronger and shown me how not to be with my daughter. Who she has never seen either. I forgive her but I will never forget and therefore the pain will never go away. I thank Kelly for this song because I don't feel alone or selfish for thinking what she is singing. If anyone reading this is in the same boat, just know, people make mistakes God doesn't and you are worth it, she isn't.

my insperation. | Reviewer: kittty
    ------ About the song Small Town Girl performed by Kellie Pickler

kellie, i love your songs! i live in a small town of junction city Or. and this is all there is-

dary queen
and mcdonalds.

and i've lived either small towns, or the middle of nowhere my whole life! and i just love your songs! they inspire me to be less shy and pursue my careere as a professnol singer!!!! thx so much kellie!

the other side | Reviewer: Yam
    ------ About the song I Wonder performed by Kellie Pickler

I'm mom to three kids under five. I love them more than life itself but I'll be honest, working full time, looking after them and a house and my difficult mother. My husband who doesn't care much about anything.. I can understand why some women just pop out to the shops one day and never come back. We all need mothers no matter what our age..

Father | Reviewer: niquey
    ------ About the song I Wonder performed by Kellie Pickler

This song means so much to me.Before i moved to Colorado with my family, my father was and probably still is an achoholic.My mother had me and he didn't even think i was his and when i heard my mother say that i was in tears.But anyway he went to jail in Louisiana, cause that's where im from,and he was sentenced to 35 or 36 yrs in prison.He is still in there and today im 13.I've only talked to him once in my entire life and that was last yr in 09 when i was getting my last name changed to my stepfathers last name.Afetr all that last yr he hasnt once called me from jail or anything saying hi or anything, and that really hurts me cause i would like to get to know him and my biological family.I just hope and pray that he does the right thing.

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