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I want it to represent Kelis’ world. When you put on my
record, I want you to feel that you've entered into a new
dimension, some place where you haven't been before. You
know when you go to a carnival and there's a funhouse where
the colours are different and the music is distorted? It's
reality but it's not really reality, you know what I mean?
I kind of want it to feel like that…

- Kelis, on her dazzling new album, Wanderland

It's just under two years since we first got a chance to
step into Kelis' world. Her debut album, More...

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Review about Kelis songs
song | Reviewer: big booty hoe
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

OMG this song is so great to turn on a guy, my little girl listens to it and she has gotten 10 guys in one day!!! just get a guy make him a milk shake put on a bikini and skate what you got ;)

sexy | Reviewer: Sarah Blaire
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

This song is really inspirational to me!!! It encourages me to do thing i've never thought of before ;) if you know what i mean. Everytime i hear this song i just cant control myself. I mean like damn right i love it. Some times i play with my Kellis doll.' I mean like its a barbie with her face glued on it but still its sooooo hot. Like i play with it nonstop ;)

A very inspiring song | Reviewer: Monique
    ------ About the song Lil Star performed by Kelis

This song reminds me of when everything seems to be working against me at my old job. It helps me to look beyond and aim for something higher which I am proud to say I achieved after a year of going back to study for a specialist post in my chosen profession. Since then, |I have always use it to inspire myself and it works for me everytime.

I love this song :D | Reviewer: Tanya
    ------ About the song Lil Star performed by Kelis

This song reminds me of when I was at an all time low a few years ago and a friend of mine, played it for me and grabbed my hand and danced with me around the room, assuring me that everything would be ok. Needless to say everytime I hear this song (and though ive since moved cities) and I'm feeling low, it picks me up.

its a terrible song | Reviewer: ahhh, your stupid
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

I'm surprised no one has commented and said this, but this song is SO repetitive. it's very annoying to me, and very inappropriate. she needs to remember somethings about herself...and realize this song is not very good. now the tune, depending on anyones taste in music, could be known as good. just the lyrics.

lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Along With You performed by Kelis

I've always loved this song and in the morning fav tracks for her but I couldn't figure out for the life of me wat she was saying at the end of the chorus " nights I'm used to gettin" I knew the whole song but hella used to mumble that part haha!

stupid | Reviewer: courtney
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

i think this song is very stupid because it is very innapropriate and it is so disgusting! if children heard this song they would start singing it and they would get in so much trouble! i know, because i have seen it before and it was your song they were singing too! and they got in so much trouble for it! all because of YOU!

I always pole dance to this | Reviewer: Hot chick
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

I love this song I can pole dance to this and my videos are on you tube this song makes me turn all the boys crazy when i dance. Any guys give me ideas on what to wear on my next video press 3 for a bikini press 6 for a tube top press 7 for something different or just type what you think would look sexy

I'm Bossy | Reviewer: nella
    ------ About the song Bossy performed by Kelis

I real realy love this song I dont care who love it or not All i kno i love it to death everytime i come on the computer or laptop i start listing to this song cuz it fresh to fuck i dont give a dam who hate kelis cuz i love kelis so fuck all those ppl who hat her cuz all i kno allu fucking hateersz them

love u kelis

fuck all those haterz ;P

Milkshake | Reviewer: Uncle Wiggly
    ------ About the song Milkshake performed by Kelis

Kelis is a freak but maintains her "angelic" / halo - that's what the song is about. She'll charge you to teach you her um..."winding technique" -- sounds like she's got some skillz in the bed room. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

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