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Born Lauren Keyana Palmer, in Robbins, Illinois, (a small
town 20 miles south of Chicago). Palmer showed vocal
promise as a five-year-old when she belted out, "Jesus
Loves Me" in her church choir. A year later, the singer
/actress had a solo in her kindergarten play, but to her
mom's dismay the mic had not been adjusted to suit her
daughter's height. Without missing a beat, Palmer lowered
the mic and moved the crowd with her heavenly voice. At
that very moment, her family knew there was something
special about Keke (a nickname given More...

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Review about Keke Palmer songs
hard to breath | Reviewer: sky
    ------ About the song Hard To Breath performed by Keke Palmer

i really like keke palmer and i want to grow up like her becuas that is my dream and goal and all my life i have been wondering how does it feel to sing in front of millions of fans

chasing my dreams | Reviewer: believa
    ------ About the song Stand Out performed by Keke Palmer

this song from the movie really speaks to me because the movie is based on being you and this inspired me because music is my dream i write my own songs. i am used to performing, and i want to sing for the rest of my life. So if any of you out there have any advice for me, i am all ears . i am really serious about my music and i have been told i have a very beautiful voice. To remind you i am only 11, so thanks for the advice. If you would like to give me some more advice, just review! thanks for reading! BYE BYE

love you and hate you | Reviewer: aimmee williams
    ------ About the song Love You and Hate You performed by Keke Palmer

i thought that was one of the gratest song of the year so far but im not sure that it was the best. many people would say that they only like that song because keke performed it but if someone off the streets performed it would they be heard?probley not thats why i realy like the movie it came with it should that even people that live off the streets can perform so we need more of that talent to be heard and that needs to start now.but over all i would agree and say it was a really good song.

cool.... | Reviewer: K_eYz
    ------ About the song Keep It Movin' performed by Keke Palmer

This song is so cool.....

although the album was titled So Uncool, but in fact this song is so cool.....

Luv ya KeKe Palmer!!!


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