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Keith says he learned to play guitar as a six-year-old in
Australia, when a young woman wanted to place an ad in his
dad's shop window offering guitar lessons. His parents made
a deal with her that they would advertise in return for
lessons for their young son. He had a natural ability and
young Keith was winning talent shows by the time he was 8.
He also was involved in a youth acting company which
required him to sing, dance and memorize lines, all of
which led to an ease on stage that would serve him well in
his music career. More...

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Review about Keith Urban songs
karma | Reviewer: anonanon
    ------ About the song Stupid Boy performed by Keith Urban

The world is populated with stupid boys- sad but true. Nothing to do but cry over over spilled milk when self centered boys and girls wake up one day to see the universe doesn't revolve around them.

Daddy's little girl | Reviewer: Lindsey
    ------ About the song Song For Dad performed by Keith Urban

This song , makes me cry every time! My father and I are alike in so many ways! I might look like my mom on the outside, but if you look at me on the inside, I'm just like my dad. We both play guitar, we are both stubborn, and we both have endless patience. He knows what I go through [socially and emotionally] better than my mother!

speechless | Reviewer: Sandra F.
    ------ About the song Making Memories Of Us performed by Keith Urban

This song was selected for our wedding song,by my boyfriend, it made me cry because everything he's says on here is true, he has showed by action his love and devotion, he is a man among men, a man of his word, the LOVE OF MY LIFE, he makes me feel secure, after alllll I had been through in the past, making it possible for me to breathe a sigh of relief, he is my rock and my foundation, stabilizes best friend, our rides on his Harley, remind me of the 4 seasons, and the house in the meadow..BEAUTIFUL SONG..LOVE THIS..

Picture Perfect | Reviewer: Ali Kendricks
    ------ About the song Raining On Sunday performed by Keith Urban

My boyfriend and I aren't ready to go public, but he means the world to me. I see him most of the time on Sundays, usually it happens to be raining. The first time we were alone together it was a rainy Sunday. The first time he told me he was into me it was a rainy Sunday. The first time we kissed it was a rainy Sunday. And soon we won't be able to see each other for a while.
But yesterday, even in front of all these people we knew, he started playing this song for background music. I was the only one that knew it was for me. And then, yesterday, a Sunday, he told me he loved me.
I can't wait for the rainy Sundays we have instore together.
Thank you Keith. <3

love this song | Reviewer: Cish
    ------ About the song Without You performed by Keith Urban

"Along comes a baby girl, and a
suddenly my little world,
Just got a whole lot bigger, yes it
And people that I barely knew,
love me ‘cos I’m part of you". . . .my favourite lines. . . .I started listening to this song when my lady was pregnant with our little. .but I love the whole song

Awesome Person with Right Music | Reviewer: Donny n Steven
    ------ About the song But For The Grace Of God performed by Keith Urban

I have recently started listening to Keith Just because my bf has dedicated one of his song 'making memories of us' - God knows I can cry for each song after listening to that song .
Now, i only have keith urban in my playlist !
Thanks to my bf for introducing me with such Great Singer . . God Bless Him n write his name in the Book of Life <3<3<3

Sharon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song But For The Grace Of God performed by Keith Urban

Keith Urban's song is on an album called SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY. It has songs by many country singers and they are all great!! (ie) Tim McGraw, Josh Turner, Alabama, Martina McBride George Strait and many more!

iddkkk | Reviewer: meghan
    ------ About the song I Wanna Love Somebody Like You performed by Keith Urban

Me& my best friend Josh have been best friends for almost a year, And he always called me his "dream girl" and he called me up one dayy & sang me this sonng & played the guitar too :) and then we started dating & still are today :) almost 4 months.

i'm done | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You'll Think of Me performed by Keith Urban

I've always loved this song even when I was really little my parents would play this song and I'd be right there singing along with it.....well I'm 14 going on 15 now and my ex and I split up a few months ago, a little while after he left me he told me he still liked me....I still liked him too, but I didn't say anything when he said that to me and at first I regreted it but now he's dating one of my friends and I've finally realized why I didn't take him back I was tired of him ignoring me and all the other crap he did and now him and I are friends (sorta) and I'm listening to this song play over in my head and I'm thinking about my new crush and how happy I am without my ex and so i'm done crying over my ex when I'm so much better without him... no matter how much he may miss me I'm over him and on with my life....

Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You'll Think of Me performed by Keith Urban

I just got divorced after 23 years and 6 near divorces. I basiclly gave her most everything & I went back today for some of our movies (guy movies) she would not give them up. It reminds me of our seperation in 07 when this song was a hit.

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