Keith Urban Albums

  • Fuse Album (9/10/2013)
    Somewhere In My Car
    Even The Stars Fall 4 U
    Cop Car
    Good Thing
    We Were Us
    Love's Poster Child
    She's My 11
    Come Back To Me
    Red Camaro
    Little Bit Of Everything
    Raise 'em Up
    Heart Like Mine
    Bonus Tracks
    Black Leather Jacket
    Gonna B Good
    Lucky Charm

  • Get Closer Album (11/16/2010)
    Put You In A Song
    You Gonna Fly
    All For You
    Long Hot Summer
    Without You
    Georgia Woods
    Right On Back To You
    Shut Out The Lights
    Big Promises
    The Luxury Of Knowing

  • Defying Gravity Album (3/31/2009)
    Kiss A Girl
    If Ever I Could Love
    Sweet Thing
    Til Summer Comes Around
    My Heart Is Open
    Hit The Ground Runnin'
    Only You Can Love Me This Way
    Standing Right In Front Of You
    Why's It Feel So Long
    I'm In
    Thank You

  • Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing Album (11/7/2006)
    Once In A Lifetime
    I Told You So
    I Can't Stop Loving You
    Won't Let You Down
    Faster Car
    Stupid Boy
    Used To The Pain
    Raise The Barn (featuring Ronnie Dunn)
    God Made Woman
    Tu Compania
    Got It Right This Time

  • Days Go By: Anthology Album (5/31/2005)
  • Be Here Album (9/21/2004)
  • In the Ranch Album (2/10/2004)
  • Golden Road Album (10/8/2002)
  • Keith Urban (1999) Album (10/19/1999)
  • Keith Urban (1997) Album (2/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Keith Urban albums

    Love this Guy and His Music | Reviewer: Sam Mitchell
        ------ About the album Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing performed by Keith Urban

    This guy is a brilliant singer and song writter i love every song on this cd as its got such a great rythem to it and some of the song words show alot of feelings its honesty in my eyes to Nicole Kidman the pair of them are great together love you Keith...x

    What a great album! | Reviewer: Emily
        ------ About the album Defying Gravity performed by Keith Urban

    I just bought this album yesterday, and was blown away by it! Now, I ain't gonna lie, Keith has had better albums. But I will say that this was a great come back! "Defying Gravity" is a must for Keith Urban collectors!

    hi | Reviewer: jane
        ------ About the album Defying Gravity performed by Keith Urban

    My Dear,

    I am happy with what i gone through your profile , Decided to contact you never you be surprised and reply me so that i shall sending to you my pictures and tell you about me as its better knowing as well.
    Faithfully Jane Isaac

    Keith's Love | Reviewer: Cheryl Clements
        ------ About the album Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing performed by Keith Urban

    I love the cd. The rythm of all the songs are great.Keep up the good work

    Keith Urban is too much fun!!!! | Reviewer: Jude
        ------ About the album In The Ranch performed by Keith Urban

    Wow, this album is happy, upbeat, and a blast to listen to. If you are not feeling well, or you just need a pick me up, or something to get you through ridiculous traffic woes, put this one on. Keith Urban has such a bouncy way of making everything all better. He seems approachable and likeable as a person, and one can't help but like him. The guitar playing on here is superb, especially the purely instrumental piece, Clutterbilly. Wow, this man is a modern day "funktry Mozart", and he is gorgeous to boot! Also, the cd boasts two videos from the Ranch, Walkin' the Country, the first track, and Clutterbilly, the instrumental. Walkin' the Country is such a happy song, and Urban really shows us how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. The Clutterbilly video is hilarious, with Urban showing his hilarious comic side in a brief sequence where he dances a country jig in a blue dress. There are several old country gentlemen dancing in a most hilarious way, too. The videos looks alot alike, but Urban really shines in both, especially the way that guitar just seems to be an extension of himself. Urban is a man of many great talents, and his comic relief only enhances who he is as a guitarist, songwriter, singer, and human being. Keith Urban is a man I definitely would like to know better, and this album is a wonderfully lighthearted introduction. Do buy it; you will be so glad you did!

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