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Didn’t See Me Coming. For Keith Sweat, the title of his
seventh solo album may be more revealing than you think.
For a man who has delivered five straight #1 albums,
selling a worldwide total of almost 14 million discs, you
could argue that Mr. Sweat also stands as one of the pop
world’s most underrated superstars.

But be assured that Keith wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s been two years since his last acclaimed effort, the
aptly tilted Still In The Game, and the soft-spoken
writer/producer/vocalist once again goes against the More...

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Review about Keith Sweat songs
10-6-2012 | Reviewer: ONTOP KTR
    ------ About the song Twisted performed by Keith Sweat

IT is the fact enough to me that i dont know when if it will come to me to 4get plying this song, thour it remind me back my horting days but i still luv it becous im now in luv and hapy so i dont min. i luve all ur songs keith sweat

I knew it | Reviewer: sj Smith
    ------ About the song I Knew That You Were Cheatin' performed by Keith Sweat

This song is the perfect soundtrack to my heart. I was dating this woman who I thought shared the mutual love and respect I had for her. Next thing I know she begins making excuses as to why she "needed space" this started after she begun disrespecting me in every way possible. I ended up setting her free then she tells me she's been in contact with her ex... I wasn't surprised I figured she was cheating by the strange behavior she displayed it hurts like hell but this song reminds me that in my heart I knew something was up Thanks Keithfor this masterpiece.

:) | Reviewer: Senny
    ------ About the song Twisted performed by Keith Sweat

I Love this Song, Bcuz I cann relate so much <3
A guy did something like that to me - like this part my heart is most amazed by ,
"Did me wrong
When I thought we were reallt down!"
I can sooo relate, no joke.
Good music, straittt up . <3

iLOVE THiS SONG | Reviewer: icy
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Keith Sweat

i admire this SOng esp. The chOrus .. SO sweet and sexii .. 8 reminds Mii Ol my wOnderful nyt with ma bf .. Im addicted with dis sOng i love keith and athena! Perfect vOices fOr this sOng! Its chillin, kinda sOft senti musiC wd d beat Of rnb! Perfct!

haaaayz... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Twisted performed by Keith Sweat

the lyrics itself says about the feeling of loving someone but that someone just not ready for any commitment...
"i'm not gonna be here for long" I like this line because it says that, not all the time you're going to allow that kind of feeling, hurt and confused where to stand in someones life....
you're twisted over him/her...

yo keith sweat | Reviewer: Guy noel
    ------ About the song I Want To Love You Down performed by Keith Sweat

hi keith sweat! i m gabonese man and i live in this country. take the africa map and look for gabon .i just want to say you that you are my favorite singer and i drean to sing like one day. i listen your music since 1992. i work in petrolum society with team total colaboration. i want to have your e-mail address if possible and to write you. its will pleasure for me and i hope to hear about you. take care of you.

Harlem Girl 117th Street | Reviewer: HARLEM GIRL NY 117
    ------ About the song I Knew That You Were Cheatin' performed by Keith Sweat

This song is all about me.I can remember when i was going with this guy we been together for 4 years i kept having dreams about him and a woman together. I ask him was he cheating on me and he said no until one day i caught them together kissing in the car.and doing other things, I just walk away and told him that it is over and she can have the LOSER.what he did to me he's going to do i to you.THANK YOU KEITH SWEAT FOR THAT SONG.

Star Harlem 117 street | Reviewer: Star Lewis
    ------ About the song Never Had A Lover performed by Keith Sweat

About the song Never Had A LOVER that song is nice. i never had a real lover either my heart has been broken so many times it's hard to let anybody get to close i,m afraid of getting hurt again.That why i can related to keith sweat music. the ups and downs, the hurt and the pain.I hope he will read this and give me some advice on what to do and learn how to love again
and just trust my heart.

Alicia Harlem NY | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Merry Go Round performed by Keith Sweat

Merry GO ROUND that song reminded me when i frist got my heart broken that one pain i want to forget that why i can related to all keith sweat songs we both know what that feels like just go back to his first cd that one tell the whole story.that why i'm his #1FAN always and forever.

Alicia Harlem NY #1 FAN | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Give All My Love To You Remix performed by Keith Sweat

Im a BIG keith sweat fan i love the remix of I'll give all my love to you. he need to put thay song on a cd I have all of his music His music is the only one i play in my house. keith used to sang at my father club in harlem back in the days. still dont remember me? Alicia

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