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I repent of ever having recorded one single song, and ever
having performed one concert, if my music, and more
importantly, my life has not provoked you into Godly
jealousy or to sell out more completely to Jesus! — Keith

Keith Green was 15 the first time he ran away from home. He
started a journal that ran for years as he looked for
musical adventure and spiritual truth. Keith had a Jewish
background, but he grew up reading the New Testament. He
called it "an odd combination" that left him open minded,
but deeply More...

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Review about Keith Green songs
Some of his songs are good, others were not | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Grace By Which I Stand performed by Keith Green

I used to love to play and sing this song until I grew in the Lord, and realized this song twisted grace into license to sin...the kind preached in most of today's churches, so that I could no longer sing it, or some of Green's other songs, in good conscience before God any more. Now I find that many "Christian" musicians do this, and perform where false teachers preach, and I know it sickens God.

Sounds very familiar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You performed by Keith Green

The feeling of being too tired to do everything you can to stay near to God, but still the desire to stay close to God is there just as much (or even more)! It's one of the songs of Keith Green I could never sing, because it simply wasn't how I felt, but now I do feel the same, and it's very nice to be able to express my deepest feelings in a song somebody else already wrote.

The Little Girl Inside | Reviewer: Diane Waltman
    ------ About the song Oh Lord, You're Beautiful performed by Keith Green

I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my grandfather as far back as I can remember. He did many terrible things, some of which are too distasteful for me to talk about publicly. I want to share my testimony, because so many people have been hurt, and they need to realize that someone has made it through their struggles so they can have hope. More than anything, I want you to know and really understand that anyone who has been abused can fully recover if they will give their life completely to the Lord...It may seem impossible, but God's truth has set me free from a life of pretense and lies and has restored my soul. I am living proof that nothing is too hard for God. No matter what you've been through or how bad you've been hurt, there is hope!
My book is available at Amazon and I would love for each person who has liked this page to order a copy. Each copy sold will go toward the prevention of child abuse across the country and world. The Little Girl Inside. God Bless, Diane Waltman

refreshing | Reviewer: tali
    ------ About the song Oh Lord, You're Beautiful performed by Keith Green

this song makes me want to worship the lord cause for keith to say"you're beautiful",the lord must have done something great in his life and the fact that you are still alive is reason enough for you to worship the lord

my first love | Reviewer: pius ogola
    ------ About the song Oh Lord, You're Beautiful performed by Keith Green

these lines say it all for me........

"For when your eyes are on this child,

Your grace abounds to me."

"Oh Lord, please light the fire,

That once burned bright and clear.

Replace the lamp of my first love,

That burns with Holy fear."

May God bless the soul of the late Keith Green.

I love the man Keith was and is in Christ! | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song When I Hear The Praises Start performed by Keith Green

The Gospel saves, nourishes, protects and sustains! Lets be warriors for Christ by staying faithful to the Scriptures! Lets work hard at knowing loving and cherishing them for Christ!- Only by the spirit and prayer can we achieve this, so lets ask the living God to do his work in us everyday to see the true Jesus!

What I remember | Reviewer: G. Frazier
    ------ About the song So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt performed by Keith Green

Back in 1982, I was a second year college student, when I learned that Keith Green had passed away. Thinking I would honor his legacy, I sent a check for $20 to Melanie Green and, in return, she sent me both the album and the printed lyrics to this song.

Now, get this: I can do little or nothing with the album because I've been totally Deaf (as in, never having had a mark on an audiogram or hearing test)since 1971, so I could do nothing, with the album -- I gave it to a friend, who can hear -- but I enjoyed reading those lyrics and I'm overjoyed to see them published here!

A Tradition | Reviewer: Debi
    ------ About the song Easter Song performed by Keith Green

For the past several years, on Easter morning, I crank Keith's "Easter Song" up as loud as it will go, and bask in the glory of Jesus' resurrection. It would be Easter, for me, without this tradition.

So touching! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Oh Lord, You're Beautiful performed by Keith Green

I have never heared so a soul touching with a real spiritual dept song like Keith Green's o Lord you are beautiful! Keith Green must have lived a holy live to be able to have written such an angelic song.

Thanks! | Reviewer: Geoffrey
    ------ About the song Your Love Broke Through performed by Keith Green

First of all thank you rose for sharing this awesome testimony. I find great peace and help while listening to keith green. I grew up listening to this kind of music and have found it to be soothing to my spirit. I never really knew what Keith was saying in this piece, but now having looked up the lyrics I understand and see. I love this man and his ministry. I love the Lord! Wonderful song!

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