Keepsake Albums

  • Black Dress in a B Movie Album (6/11/2002)
    Violent Love
    Cartoon Life
    Engaging War
    A Raindance Narrative
    Ticket To Russia
    Space Bound
    Letter To A Hostage
    Black Dress In A B Movie
    American Fights

  • The End of Sound Album (12/5/2000)
    The Beginning Of The End Of Sound
    Girls Don't Know
    The Negative Space
    Math Is Wrong
    Lacquer Lipstick
    Color By Number
    We Shoul've Rode The Bumper Cars
    Eight Months Till May
    I Never Like The Way You Danced
    The End Of Sound
    She Hums Like A Radio

  • The Things I Would Say Album (10/17/2000)
    Third Wish
    Infinity Road
    Twenty Percent
    The Only Light We See
    Paper Cuts And Broken Hearts
    A Simple Deed
    One Season Too Late
    Final Moments

  • She Hums Like a Radio Album (10/10/2000)
    She Hums Like A Radio
    The Alcohol Diary
    Sweet White Lies
    One Season Too Late (Electrical)
    The Art Of Collapsing

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    Keepsake | Reviewer: Bryan Acosta
        ------ About the album The End of Sound performed by Keepsake

    Keepsake is my fav band And I think they are amazing check out the band that came from the ashes of Keepsake their name is "The Sound of Silence" the band has two member from Keepsake which one is shane.

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