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Keepsake Biography

Last updated: 10/11/2002 02:08:30 AM

Keepsake began in the winter of 97' with five guys who barely averaged the age of 16. The concept was a simple blend of rock and hardcore brought together with some melody and emotion. The guys played many local shows and even early on began to notice some crowd response. The scene was brewing up some other local favorites such as Poison The Well and New Found Glory and things seemed to be moving along on the right track. With that in mind, they went into the studio to record three songs and John Wylie of Eulogy Recording's roommate happen to hear the finished product and passed it along to John. was convinced.

With only a few bands on his label at that time, he took a chance and signed them for one record. In the summer of 98, only six months after the bands start the record was out and so was the word on the street. Keepsake was getting a name for themselves around the country and even in Europe. With record sales going well and some fan mail coming in, they decided to do a small tour of the East Coast. On the way home, the band came to the conclusion that there would be some line up changes due to some personal issues. Little did they know that "line up changes" would consist of being left with Shane and Paul. keepsake2.bmp (36684 bytes)Although they were the only two left, their morale wasn't down. They decided to leave Eulogy and gamble on a small label in New Jersey. The two of them went into the studio with the help of Chris Hornbrooke (Poison The Well) on drums and recorded "She Hums Like A Radio." The outcome was phenomenal.

More melodies, driving guitars and even some experimentation with a cello. Once again, this CD was selling well and a band was being formed again. Things were back on the right track. A few more East Coast tours were in place and there were more fans coming to the shows. Like all good things though, it didn't last. There were some problems with the new record label and after months of discussion, a mutual separation took place. After some searching and a few phone calls, it didn't take them long to come back to where it all started. Eulogy offered to re-release "She Hums Like A Radio" and even put the following LP. The guys were stoked. They spent a few months writing and spit out "The End Of Sound," the most melodic and rocking of the three CD's to date. This time with a more serious attitude on hand. The touring was getting more consistent along keepsake3.bmp (147480 bytes)with playing some college radio shows and even some shows at home.

All the positive feedback and serious recognition, landed them a booking agent and some great shows with the likes of Piebald, Hot Rod Circuit, Dashboard Confessional, Midtown, The Stereo, Thursday, and many more. Things couldn't be going better until they get a call from Fearless Records, which is where I leave you now. With just a little bit of house cleaning in the member department giving them a long awaited permanent line up, the band is Keepsake, The label is Fearless, and the record is coming soon. I promise you won't be disappointed. - FEARLESS RECORDS