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Atmosphere Keep Steppin' Lyrics

Last updated: 01/04/2012 10:00:00 AM

It goes job after job after blow to the self value
he doesn't get along with powerful people
the mind is a box kept locked
inside is the pride and the ego and he cant find the keyhole
Compensates with alcohol and hate
and contemplates weither or not he wants to be awake
bounce around the words, all the nouns and verbs
but better late then never doesn't work for work
Cant hold employment, cant hold a girl
but he can hold a weapon and keep this whole world steppin
another angry arrogant american
one frustrated step away from where you stand
put your hands up for fear or fear itself
or write it off as balances and checks
or take the sign out the window and change it to say you want to help
maybe we can talk him into walking up these steps

(chorus x2)
keep looking up
try to count them
how many left
look em up
one at a time
until your out of breath
one foot in front of the other
right, left
you can spend your whole life
climbing these steps

for every boy that she allows to step on her heart
she comes one step closer to findin what she needs
the sad part is shes still stuck somewhere behind the start
still doesn't know what it takes to make it leave
that tattoo bleeds upon the paid dues
Break the rules, to balance the odds, challenge her god
the untrained eye thinks shes got it all together
but the first time i seen her smile i knew better
write down the letters, piece them in order
make sense out of a sentence, give the picture a border
got to sort through the images that clutter the soul
but the photo got fried cause the shutter didnt close
over exposed, too many steps, too soon
killed the pain with a Jameson under a blue moon
she climbs, she cries, she waits
how many more can she take before her legs break

(chorus x2)
keep looking up
try to count them
how many left
look em up
one at a time
until your out of breath
one foot in front of the other
right, left
you can spend your whole life
climbing these steps
(don't stop)
(mixer scratch)

So if you're doing bad I'mma sing about you
And if you're doing good I'mma sing about you
Whether or not you knew I've been singin about you
It's all I know, I don't know what else to do
When you take a step I take a step
Or maybe it's the other way around I'm not too sure
Right and wrong got together, the vision was blurred
The path was crooked but the intentions were pure
And I count these steps getting closer to home
And I love each step like it was my own
And when I reach the top of the goal or whatever
Maybe finally they'll let me forget her

(chorus x2)
(Don't stop looking up)

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I think the other reviewer's taking this a bit too far. | Reviewer: Demi | 1/4/12

I see this song as prototypes of two people stuck in typical situations in this world - the man who's struggling to be a man, the woman who's struggling to find a balance between her emotions and what's good for her, and that all of this is happening, but you need to keep stepping, look up. It's more positive than how the other reviewer says, "nothing changes and we are still getting one step closer to death". In fact, I think he's saying that things do change. You just need to keep climbing. As indicated by the last verse - we're all climbing together, climbing to death but loving each step.

I love this song. Just when you think you've found your favorite Atmosphere song, another pops up.

the relevancy is absurd | Reviewer: rick | 2/25/10

While maybe another song about growing up and moving on, or perhaps a socially active call to arms.Keep steppin' tells the story of those on the edge, and how nothing changes, how in the end we are still just moving getting one step closer to death.

Though the message is haunting the song itself, is the complete opposite (one of atmosphere's favorite styles), it has an upbeat euro savvy melody.