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Vocals: Tom Chaplin / Piano: Tim Rice-Oxley / Drums:
Richard Hughes 

Keane formed in 1997 at a Hastings Secondary School.
In 2002, following several years of experimenting and
honing their sound, Keane decided that they needed to get
out and play live. They booked two acoustic gigs, one at
the 12 Bar Club, another at the Betsey Trotwood. Fierce
Panda mini-mogul Simon Williams caught the Betsey Trotwood
gig, and asked Keane to put out a single on his label.
They chose ‘Everybody’s Changing’, a sweeping, majestic ode
to feeling More...

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Review about Keane songs
everybody's changing...should I? | Reviewer: ibu ramadika
    ------ About the song Everybody's Changing performed by Keane

I heard this song oftenly couse my husband played it again and again. But it took some times untill I got the messege.
Yes...we can't avoiding the changes, but we can also stay when the changing doesn't make us better, or wiser.

    ------ About the song Everybody's Changing performed by Keane

I feel that this is about my life but I feel it is about the world that is changing rapidly and us spinning around faster and faster in this world. I feel that it is about my inner self surrounded by a lot of information, superficial things like some and trying to keep up with my real nature at the same time trying to be social and doing what people do in life. Job, relationships with friends/family/boyfriends, social status etc. I am kind of searching for something else in life but I still don't know what it is so I'm trying to keep up with my inner voice trying to remember what is really important in life and not to follow the norms if that is not making me happy. I'm confused and so is the message in the lyrics "try to make a move just to stay in the game, I try to stay awake and remember my name but everybody's changing and I don't feel the same"

I want official video of this song | Reviewer: Muhammad Akib
    ------ About the song Again and Again performed by Keane

This song is the best song of my life.And I think "KEANE" musical band is the best musical band ever.I have already download most other best song official video of this band.So,would you please
give me the official video "Again and Again" song or please give
the web-site so that I can download it. my email is <> please send if you can. :)

Maria Elena | Reviewer: Deymond
    ------ About the song Try Again performed by Keane

Oh my baby how I have lost you forever. I wish things could be different my sugar bun. I f**ked up bad taking a chance with that white girl and her friend. It was the heat of the moment. Miami beach drinks flowin music going dj spinnin camera winning. I warned you babe. I shoot for a living its how I make my bread. They were supposed to be a shoot and I ended up in it with them. In the end I only ended up shootin blanks with you. I am a sexual bastard prick who will never find love again. Goodbye mi amorsita...

This song is my love life ! | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song Hamburg Song performed by Keane

I ever used to "give much more than i ask for" :-( And after all of it, my boyfriend gave me up. When I feel tired about everything, it gives me the strenght to carry on !

Great lyrics! Very positive in down times. | Reviewer: Anurag
    ------ About the song Let It Slide performed by Keane

The greatest band in the world.
The song is amazing but Tom, with his great voice, takes it to the next level.
For those who don't know KEANE, you're missing something in your life.

Keane...Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Alice Rose 1997
    ------ About the song Bedshaped performed by Keane

First time i heard this song... and im gonna sound very young , was when i was about 5 and my parents had left Capital Fm radio on. Then tragically for almost a decade i forgot that this song existed ... until some amazing person recommended to play it back on a live broadcast. I have to admit, one of the songs that just stay in my head when the world is asleep and quiet. Perfect. Im happy to have lived to have heard this piece by Keane and I hope that beautiful music like this carries on... not the rambling that goes on these days, but what do i know? <3

Change | Reviewer: May
    ------ About the song Everybody's Changing performed by Keane

I agree with the lyrics because it says the truth. Everybody changes. I think that change is part of life and it's normal. But, if you change for want someone's attention, to like someone or for different reasons i'm not agree, because one is as is and not have to change for someone. I'm changing because i'm growing up. You don't have to change if your friend or someone changes.

very good song | Reviewer: Agus (NELPO)
    ------ About the song Everybody's Changing performed by Keane

this is a very good song. It talks about the problem of many people in the world: the change, the problems to adapt to this crazy and confused world, the change is everywhere and we can't do anything about it the only solution is change or never do it.

I love this! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bedshaped performed by Keane

I always thought that this song was as if it were written to an old friend, that they'd drifted from due to something like the friend developing depression or alcoholism, and the person is trying to help, but usually when they try to help the friend they get laughed at and told they don't understand and "what do you know?". But the person has gone through the same thing, and they're wishing for their friend to come back and knock on their door like they used to, but they know it won't happen. "Bedshaped" could be referring to the amount of time a depressed person stays in bed, and legs of stone could be like talking about how when you're pretty much in the depths of despair it's a task to put one foot in front of the other, like they're made of stone. I don't know, that's always been my interpretation of it, this has been my favourite song for years and years

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