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Vocals: Tom Chaplin / Piano: Tim Rice-Oxley / Drums: Richard Hughes 

Keane formed in 1997 at a Hastings Secondary School.
In 2002, following several years of experimenting and honing their sound, Keane decided that they needed to get out and play live. They booked two acoustic gigs, one at the 12 Bar Club, another at the Betsey Trotwood. Fierce Panda mini-mogul Simon Williams caught the Betsey Trotwood gig, and asked Keane to put out a single on his label.
They chose ‘Everybody’s Changing’, a sweeping, majestic ode to feeling utterly lost when everyone else seems to know the score, which was recorded for zero pence. “The recording session was a little rough and ready – the song was literally made in a room in someone’s house,” Tom laughs. “And we had to go round to a different house to mix it, because the speakers broke.” It would be difficult to find origins more desperately indie, yet ‘Everybody’s Changing’ sounded like a Number One chart hit before you even got to the chorus, and it immediately began turning heads. Steve Lamacq decided that it was one of the best singles in Fierce Panda’s entire history – not bad for a label, which housed early releases from Coldplay, Idlewild and Supergrass. He declared that Keane were “somewhere between a scuffed Coldplay and a frankly bewildered Beautiful South”, hammering the single on his show and eventually calling the band in for a session on BBC 6Music. Xfm were on the case, too, with Clare Sturgess requesting a session from the band, while a Sunday Times profile noted that Keane were responsible for “three and a half minutes of pure pop loveliness”. NME wrote that ‘Everybody’s Changing’ was “indisputably mighty” and compared Keane with “‘Kid A’-era Radiohead covering A-ha”.
What all these people spotted – and what the rest of the world will shortly find out for themselves – is that despite the reference points, Keane’s beguilingly beautiful music really isn’t like anything else that’s out there right now. “Our songs have universal themes and are emotional,” Tim nods. “People want emotion. But that seems like quite a rare thing these days. I don’t think there are many bands who are making music which actually means anything. There’s nothing to identify with.”
Things, at last, were beginning to gather pace. Keane’s first UK tour saw Tom, Richard and Tim performing at venues up and down the country to audiences of between five and 300 people. They didn’t look like many other bands – there was no guitarist, a factor which might send some purists screaming into the hills but, Richard says, really wasn’t a conscious decision.

By the time spring 2003 rolled around, the boys were out on the road again, and labels were already putting offers on the table. “All we were after was the opportunity to make the right record with the right people,” Tom shrugs – which is where Island stepped in. “We’ve never wanted to be a small, cult band,” Tom adds. “We want to get our music heard by as many people as we possibly can, because that’s why we’re making it.”
Throw in a startling appearance in the New Bands tent at the Reading and Leeds Carling Weekend, more plaudits for the boys’ second single ‘This Is The Last Time’. And, once again, it sounds like all the bands who’ve ever meant anything to anyone, but at the same time it only sounds like Keane.
“People often say that they wish they’d been around in the 60s,” Tom says. “But we’re happy just where we are. We love rock’s back catalogue, and now we’ve got a chance to add to it. After all, tunes never go out of fashion.”

January 2004

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My love for keane | Reviewer: Andrew | 2/25/11

Keane is one of the greatest groups that ever existed and their songs are just beautiful! Somewhere only we know was awesome and nothing in my way was just hypnotically out-of-body-experience-inducing beautiful, but everybody's changing was just absolutely amazing and majestic and without a shadow of a doubt, it takes the cake!

keane | Reviewer: safeli | 9/24/09

when i was listen to the song 'every body's changing' for the very first time.. oh i thinks i was dreaming of.. i have'n heared the kind of song like this before.. what a song.. very perfectly mixed sound and talent.. this 3 guys, how can you created this. you blow my mind..

I love Keane | Reviewer: yos | 11/8/08

aku sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bgt ama keane. aku suka hampir smua lagunya, trutama somewhere only we know, everybody's changing, nothing in my way, hamburg song, dan the frog prince. aku dah dengar beberapa lagu album ketiganya (perfect symmetry) spiralling dan love is the end enak juga.

my title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

god I love their music, it makes me either want to sing along...ooorrr....scream "HI!" at the top of my lungs to everybody i meet. A band like this only comes around once in a lifetime, because all anybody does today is rap about things that is either really chiche'd or just doesn't mean much...just songs that you have to look at the surface to get it, instead of digging deep down-they just don't hit you as hard. Keane's music is like a really deep poem you'd hear from someone who saw the world in a way that we all should, but then it's sung so well...what more could you want?? I heard ONE of their songs and now I'm already a fan.(Bedshaped)

They're on their way up there | Reviewer: JS E | 10/1/07 don't hear <that> much about them around yet, but I think they're on their way up to the Beatles/U2 Olympus. Tim Rice-Oxley reminds me so much of John Lennon in composition talent. Original sweeping melody,great variety. Typical composer for whom I always ask myself: how does he do it? No crazy ideas that bring no-where. Just original, immortal melody. I hope he has a long career. Sober as he is, he should.
Tom Chaplin has an amazing voice, and is a charismatic "front-man." Sort of has a McCartney toned-voice, but warmer.

Keane an amazing band | Reviewer: Cynthia | 9/3/07

When I first heard Keane,I fell in love with thier music. I haven't hear of a band that has only three members, and not use guitars but still has this sound that hits my soul. They put alot into their music, and their live shows are not to be missed. I was lucky enough to see them and meet them, the first time I went to their show; and just like their music they are wonderful. Keep on rocking!!!!!

hello there.... | Reviewer: thea | 8/21/07

i relly really like keane at the first tme i heard their songs it relly gives me an inspiration....even though i dont really see keane in person it dont minds me at all...hope you get well soon tom...goodluck guys...u rock!!!!!

try again | Reviewer: retno palupi | 7/5/07

keane,mmmm...i love u,"try again",aku suka banget,ni lagu favorit aku,kalau aku lagi budrek,lagu ini jadi andalan biar aku tenang lagi.

good | Reviewer: aby | 7/2/07

umm i think keane is amazing, they create emotion, and some of the lyrics are just so intense, you want to smile, but then you start crying, its amazing, i think that most people can connect with the songs, and people need to feel the song and really connect...

Keane | Reviewer: Mark O. Trotter | 6/19/07

Wow!! This is a band/group of artist that have found the way to touch all of our souls..... im totally blown away with keane! Ive heard music from Keane's Previous albums. " Fantastic work" I belive you are all on to a new frontier in the way music effect ourshelves ...AGAIN .. Right down to our souls. Keep up your great works...THANKS Keane.

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