Ke$ha (Kesha) Albums

  • Warrior Album (12/4/2012)
    Die Young
    Thinking Of You
    Crazy Kids
    Wherever You Are
    Dirty Love
    Only Wanna Dance With You
    All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
    Love Into The Light
    Last Goodbye
    Gold Trans Am
    Out Alive
    Past Lives

  • Cannibal Album (11/22/2010)
    We R Who We R
    The Harold Song
    Crazy Beautiful Life
    Grow A Pear
    C U Next Tuesday
    Animal (Billboard Remix)

  • Animal Album (1/1/2010)
    Your Love Is My Drug
    TiK ToK
    Take It Off
    Kiss N Tell
    Blah Blah Blah
    Party At A Rich Dude's House
    Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
    Boots & Boys

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    Reviews about Ke$ha (Kesha) albums
    great | Reviewer: kooki
        ------ About the album Warrior performed by Ke$ha (Kesha)

    kesha's warrior album is fav songs in the album are "c'mon,die young and crazy kids"she also has another great sogs from another albums like"blow,we r who we r and animal"kesha is rooock and i'm a crazy fan about her so goooooooo kesha

    Epic | Reviewer: Rebecca
        ------ About the album Warrior performed by Ke$ha (Kesha)

    I think that this new album is awesome! Although, I personally
    Prefer her Animal and Cannibal albums. The collaboration with
    Iggy Pop just ruined certain songs, like 'Dirty love' and 'Only
    Wanna dance with you'. That dude just can't sing whatsoever. And
    The party songs she made in previous albums were epic, she just
    Doesn't suit the whole 'rock' thing to be honest. But overall,
    Its a pretty decent album. I love all of Ke$ha's songs
    In general but if I had to pick out of just this album, I'd be a
    Tie between 'Warrior', 'Thinking of you', 'crazy kids', and
    'Wherever you are'. I'm a massive Ke$ha fan, she's just crazy, and awesome! I'd give up a lot of things just meet her in person.
    And I'm going to her concert on 15th Jully this year, just coz I
    Can! Lol RAWR!!

    Review For Ke$ha Warrior | Reviewer: Elizabeth E. <3
        ------ About the album Warrior performed by Ke$ha (Kesha)

    Ke$ha album warrior is my favorit Ke$ha album ever i love all of Ke$has songs and albums but this is my absoulute favorite album and i think ke$ha should make more slower songs. my favorite song on the warrior album is warrior. it is my favorite because i like how it is slow then it becomes more upbeat and faster and i just love songs like that so ke$ha should make more albums or songs like that! That is my reviewe on ke$ha warrior. When i said Ke$ha should make more slower songs i did not mean it in a rude way i love every single ke$ha song. Ke$ha is my idol she is my favorite person ever and when i am older i want to be like her so ya that is my review on ke$ha warrior!

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